Unfortunately for the fans of adventure games, the big name publishers rarely produce them. Fortunately for the fans of adventure games, indie developers still love them and this means that we get to play a lot of quality releases for free or at most for a low price. The Queen of Snakes is a free adventure game available to be played straight inside your browser and I am sure you will have a great time playing it.

Before even talking about the story, we have to talk about the obvious: The Queen of Snakes has some incredible graphics, with an unique and completely charming art style. Here, I had to say this.

Regarding the story, it’s a well known one: you are a treasure hunter, you end up in a temple (where apparently Indiana Jones ended all his journeys) and you have to stay alive and figure a way out. And be prepared for an unexpected ending, one that is both humorous and funny.

The Queen of Snakes is a point and click adventure game, which means that you will have to do a lot of clicking to get through the game, as well as your fair share of puzzle solving. The puzzles are pretty straightforward and logical, but there will be a slight problem caused by the fact that the cursor doesn’t change when you hover it over objects you can interact with. Well, a bit more of a challenge, but really you should have no problems going through this amazing game.

And if you are a fan of adventure games, or simply a fan of games that look good, you have to try The Queen of Snakes, which is available to play for free here. Have fun!