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Just not so long ago it became known that Blizzard is going in an upcoming WoW preview update: WotLK Classic to greatly reduce the amount of experience points required to complete all game levels from 60th to 70th. The reduction in the number of experience points should be up to 30 percent on average.

However, relatively recently, multiple news and messages began to appear on the network about all the changes and additions that are coming with the imminent release of the new WotLK pre-launch phase. classic. Now, more and more messages are coming in about a new change that did not previously appear in the preliminary reports. This newsbreak revolves around the banal question of whether the amount of experience needed to increase the in-game level in Outland will still be reduced in the WoW pre-patch Wrath of the Lich King classic? Let’s figure this out.

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Faster Through Outland?

As mentioned earlier, numerous news and messages showed us a new table, which listed all the calculated values of experience points that were required to increase the in-game level (naturally, we are talking about leveling up between the 60th and 70th levels, as stated earlier). The most surprising thing about all this is the fact that the amount of experience required, for example, for the first level in Outlands, is significantly less than the amount of experience required in TBC Classic at a non-present moment. As indicated in the same calculation table, the amount of experience is approximately one third less than the required amount of experience throughout Outland.

To summarize this whole situation, to increase the in-game level most quickly and efficiently using TBC content, players should still wait for the Wrath launch phase of the Lich King classic. This decision is likely to be the most optimal and rational decision, even despite the current buff to gain experience points.

But, in addition to this, it is worth highlighting another significant aspect that was not mentioned earlier.

Will this apply to #Somechanges?

If we nevertheless pay our attention to the history of the release of various patches and updates from the times of Wrath of the Lich King, unfortunately or fortunately, we will not be able to find us a single mention of changes related to leveling characters in Outlands. What’s more, even on the much-loved (or hated, choose your answer) Wikipedia site, there was also no mention of the changes to the game.

The first official and recorded value change only appears in update 4.0.3. The description of this update said something like this: “The amount of experience required to reach all in-game levels, from 71st to 80th, is reduced by 20 percent. This change implies a measurable boost in leveling (by 25 percent).”

Following patch 4.0.3, a fresh patch 4.3 correcting some mechanics was soon released. In patch 4.3, there was something like this about changing the amount of experience required to level up: “The amount of experience points required to level up from level 71 to 80 is reduced by 33 percent.”

To summarize all the above, in fact, the above innovations took effect only after the release of update 3.3.5. This update was the basis for the release of WoW Wrath of the Lich King classic. If Blizzard does make these changes in a pre-patch, which represents all updates to classic WoW, it will be due to a new developer strategy called # somechanges. However, unfortunately, this still does not have any official confirmation, so all the same, players still only must guess how it will actually be and analysts’ forecasts will come true.

Choosing the right race and class

In addition to WoW WotLK players are offered ten races to choose from: night elves, orcs, blood elves, humans, dwarves, gnomes, trolls, tauren, undead and draenei . As you know, each of the races available inside the game has its own unique set of advantages, privileges, and opportunities. This set of personal characteristics of each race provides ample opportunities to implement a variety of strategies and tactics of combat. This or that race shows itself well only with proper use, considering its strengths and weaknesses. Thus, to implement the fastest and most efficient pumping, it is necessary to correctly approach the choice of race, which will help you gain an advantage and make it easier to complete various tasks and gain experience points. Gnomes are a great example. They have a default experience point bonus for mining as well as engineering. Orcs, on the other hand, have an advantage when dealing damage points with a pet.

In the end, choosing a race really comes down to picking the most appropriate set of bonuses for your playstyle. However, for this it is worth clearly understanding all the features of each of the races and betting on this in your game. This knowledge, backed up by practice and combat skills, will allow you to level up as soon as possible.

However, in addition to this, in the addition of WoW WotLK players are given a wonderful and effective opportunity to significantly speed up their leveling inside the game by completing various PvE content. Players get a great opportunity to pay attention to the battles with raid bosses. Provided that the battle takes place with a raid boss of the maximum level, the player can count on a very good reward in the form of a large amount of experience points. Regular execution of raid battles and systematic killing of bosses of the highest levels guarantees the player the fastest and most effective advancement and leveling of the character. But defeating mythic bosses isn’t the whole story. If the player is actively involved in the implementation of PvE content, then a pleasant reward from the game is provided for this. It consists in receiving special rewards that will allow you to upgrade even faster. Such rewards include, for example, a reward for mounts and pets.

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