2020 has been a year of tragedy, loss, and mourning, and the list has added another legendary personality. Famous Argentinian footballer Diego Maradona breathed his last yesterday after suffering a terrible heart attack that succumbed to death.

According to reports, the footballer’s last words were, “I feel sick.” Maradona, who was 60, suffered a heart attack at his home on Wednesday, November 25, 2020. It happened two weeks after his discharge from the hospital, where he was treated for a bleed happening inside his brain.


The player known for his outstanding football skills won the World Cup for Argentina in 1986 against England. It was during that match that the infamous “Hand of God” goal was scored, which is considered the “Goal of the Century.”

Aside from his presence on the field with his skillful midfielder skills, Maradona also managed to maintain a pretty rough and tumultuous lifestyle off the field as well. He was connected with mafia gangs in Naples and was also known for his lethal womanizing skills and inclination towards drugs and alcohol.

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On the day of his death, Maradona came down for a meal but looked extremely pale and worn out, causing concerns in the minds of the people around him. He also complained about feeling extremely cold.

‘Me Siento Mal,’ were his last words to his nephew before returning to his bedroom in his Buenos Aires house.

While no one paid attention, it was later that a nurse found Maradona and called emergency help from the paramedics. But, it was too late because he was already dead before they could arrive.

Following the legendary footballer’s death, the Argentinian President, Alberto Fernandez, has announced three days of mourning all across the country.

‘You took us to the top of the world. You made us immensely happy. You were the greatest of all. Thanks for having existed, Diego. We will miss you for a lifetime,’ Fernandez tweeted.

After the news of his death was made public, thousands of fans and worshippers of the footballer came out on the streets of Buenos Aires and simultaneously in Naples in Italy to mourn the player’s death.

Even the stadiums fell silent before the Champion’s League match’s commencement match on Wednesday, paying their last tribute to the footballer.

Maradona has five children after him. The footballer’s family hasn’t made a formal comment on the situation and is seeking their privacy during hard and testing times.

According to the paramedic’s reports, they tried to resuscitate him after arriving at the place but soon realized that they were too late.

‘No signs of any criminality or violence have been detected. The autopsy is being carried out to determine beyond any doubt the cause of death, but we can say at this stage that everything is pointing to natural causes,’ said the autopsy report.

Maradona’s body will be taken to the Argentinian President’s mansion on Thursday for further viewing.