Windows 11: Benefits Of Upgrade

Microsoft always adds new features into each version of their flagship product, Windows. The latest iteration has finally been released to the public, and you should upgrade immediately. As usual, there are always new features to look forward to, even if you’re only looking to use your PC for playing casinos one-of-a-kind with TrueBlue login codes.  Before we dive into the benefits of the upgrade, let’s check out the new features you can expect in the new OS.

To begin with, we can say some of the most notable upgrades are the ability to let you download and run your Android apps on a Windows PC. There are also cool updates to Microsoft Teams, and the Start menu has also been given a new look. Here are the changes you should keep an eye on.

  1. Integration with Android apps;
  2. Integration with Microsoft Teams;
  3. An improved Virtual Desktop Support;
  4. Improved interface similar to Mac;
  5. Widgets;
  6. Xbox technology;
  7. Improved multitasking and transition from a monitor to a laptop.

Different Systems Integration 

Integration With Android Apps

As mentioned earlier, with Windows 11, you will be able to download and run Android apps on your computer—even those apps that use free pokies. You will get these apps through the Amazon Appstore, which you can access via the updated Microsoft Store.

Integration With Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams have also been ‘revamped,’ and accessing it is easier now as it has been pinned on the Taskbar for Windows 11. You will also be able to access Microsoft Teams via Android, Windows, Mac, and even iOS.

Improved Virtual Desktop Support

With Windows 11, now you will be able to set up your virtual desktops in a way that looks more like macOS. In addition, with this upgrade, you will be able to toggle between different desktops and even modify your wallpaper on every virtual desktop for a better user experience.

Improved Mac-like Interface

We couldn’t overlook this upgrade on Windows 11. In Windows 11, you can expect to find a clean design and artistically rounded corners, the centred Start menu, and pastel shades, among others.


If you love widgets, then you will certainly love this upgrade. Now, we acknowledge that widgets have been there for some time, so it really may not be such massive news with them being on Windows 11. The exciting part about widgets on Windows 11 is that you will now easily access them from your taskbar. It doesn’t even end there; you will also have the capability of customizing or personalizing them to match your tastes, depending on what you like.

Xbox Technology

If you are an avid gamer, this upgrade has been done in your favour. Windows 11 will pack some features that you previously could only find in Xbox consoles, such as the DirectStorage and auto HDR, to enhance the gaming experience on your Windows computer.

Improved Multitasking And Better Transition From a Monitor to a Laptop

With Windows 11, you will find new features named the Snap groups and the Snap layouts. These are groupings of the apps you use at once, linked on the taskbar. They can be brought up or minimized simultaneously to allow easier switching to tasks. Even better, they also make plugging and unplugging from your monitor seamless without having to lose the location of your open windows.

Why Should You Upgrade to Windows 11?

Some people may be skeptical when it comes to upgrading to Windows 11. The new OS, however, cranks up massive benefits that make upgrading all worth it. If you’re not certain whether upgrading to Windows 11 is worth it, here are some benefits you get with the newest iteration of Microsoft’s operating system.

  1. More security: With the Windows 11 CPU requirements, the key security features have been designed to run by default. It can give you the favour of mind if you struggle with implementing this OS’ security features.
  2. Improved UI: As mentioned earlier, the Start menu has been redesigned, and new features have been added, such as the centred Start menu, pastel shades and a more Mac-like appearance. These features also help improve the efficiency of your PC’s operations!
  3. Better business integration: Windows 11 works well on PCs running Active Directory, which means you quickly join it to your company domain. In addition, Group Policy Objects are better supported in the latest version of Windows.
  4. More apps: Android apps now run on desktop computers and mobile devices alike due to their integration and updating of the Microsoft Store. Older Win32 apps are also supported on the new platform, which means that you can still use your desired programs or games.
  5. Improved phone integration: If you have a Windows 11 mobile device, it works well with Windows 11 on your desktop! You can make calls directly from your computer using Skype, send messages through Cortana, and share files between the two devices more easily. 
  6. Simplified upgrade process: Upgrading is much more streamlined now due to fewer hardware requirements for installation, mobile-optimized features for small screens, etc. Your apps will continue working after upgrading, so don’t worry about having to start over!
  7. Better gaming experience: As mentioned earlier, Windows 11 will make gaming even more fun now that it has now included even the features that you could find on Xbox. With the improved performance and the new features, you will certainly have a one-of-a-kind gaming experience on this OS.
  8. More cloud integration: Windows 11 can sync settings with your Microsoft account without requiring a VPN connection. Your files are stored in OneDrive, so you can access them from anywhere using any device. It also means that you only have one copy of your files, making it easier to keep track of all your documents.

The list above can help convince you that upgrading is worth it, even if any or all of the reasons don’t apply to you currently. Since this version was released as a free upgrade, there’s no reason not to get it if you’re on a previous version!

Windows 11 represents the best iteration of Microsoft’s flagship operating system. It is secure and compatible with older hardware and software and has numerous features for business users and gamers.