People playing puzzle game with lots of blocks.

The interesting game, Mahjong, has several variations and a rich history. The story of its origin is a bit hazy, but hundreds of thousands of people around the world enjoy playing it.

But what are some of the reasons anybody should consider playing Mahjong? Whether you already know how to play Mahjongor not, keep reading to know some excellent benefits of playing this game.

11 Reasons to Play Mahjong

Here are some benefits of playing Mahjong you may not know about:

#1 Fight Alzheimer/Dementia

It’s been revealed that Mahjong can help fight Alzheimer’s and slows down brain degeneration. No wonder regular players of this game are known to have a sharp memory and better cognitive strength.

Older people dealing with such health issues are recommended to regularly play this game to help stabilize their condition.

The game of Mahjong involves a certain level of skill for calculation, remembering game rules, and tile settings. So, if you or your loved one suffers from a degenerative brain disorder, learning how to play Mahjong online can be both helpful and fun.

#2 Train Your Mind

Another reason one should learn how to play American Mahjongis that it helps train the mind. You can improve your concentration skills and sharpen your mind. So, you must start playing Mahjong to make better observations and faster decisions.

#3 Decrease Possibility of Depression

Mahjong can help decrease the possibility of depression as it is a social game. Players can talk with each other regarding their daily lives while playing.

Involving oneself in activities like playing Mahjong, volunteering in the community, or being in sports improves mental health. A study has also revealed that people living in urban areas playing Mahjong were less likely to feel depressed.

#4 Meeting New Friends

By learning how to play Chinese Mahjong, you can increase the chances of making new friends. This game lets you develop social skills, which is an ideal way of meeting new people. Regularly playing this game can also take care of your memory problems.

Many Mahjong players often get together just for the gossip – it’s a part of the culture of the game. Mahjong has traditionally been a game for meeting new people and getting to know them besides chatting about old times with friends. 

#5 Building Family Relationships

You can also develop stronger family bonds by playing Mahjong together. This game is designed for the players of all ages.

When you encourage children to play Mahjong, you are offering them an opportunity to enhance their concentration. Besides spending time bonding, Mahjong can be an excellent source of improving your child’s cognitive skills.

Regardless of your performance, Mahjong will help you learn a lot of things.

#6 Manage Stress

You can reduce stress by keeping a new hobby that promotes mental health. Picking up playing Mahjong is easier than you think and can be a fun way to pass the time. It also helps improve confidence as you learn to deal with new challenges.

#7 Get an Energy Boost

If you are exhausted and feeling like staying in your home during weekends, play Mahjong. This fun game will entertain you and offer a nice boost that will fill you with energy.

#8 Saves Money and Kill Time

People commonly go shopping or organize gatherings to hang out. But when you play Mahjong, it lets you save enough time and money.

#9 Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

Another reason you must play Mahjong is that it helps improve hand-eye coordination. It helps you train your reaction time by making you decide which Mahjong you want to keep or discard.

Players are required to match tiles with accuracy and speed. There are penalties for anyone playing the wrong tiles and violating the rules of the game.

A study has also revealed that Mahjong players are comparatively quicker in moving their target and using the dominant hands. While using the non-dominant hands, significant differences were also found.

It happens because the Mahjong game involves repeated grasping movements in getting or throwing down tiles. Players can carefully improve their fast finger-pointing performance with repeated actions.

#10 Improves Short-Term Memory

Did you know that playing Mahjong can also help you improve your memory? It happens because this strategic game is simple to understand. While playing the game, you need to remember which tiles your opponent has discarded to win the game.

Interestingly, this game also has simple combinations of winning hands. That means simply by tapping into your memory, you can win the game.

#11 Helps Kids and Adults Bond Together

Mahjong gives an opportunity to the adults and kids to bond together in a fun way. Kids can contribute to the game by performing simple tasks whereas adults can take care of the technical part.

If you want to play Mahjong but don’t want to play with other computer or online players, you can learn how to play Mahjong Solitaire.


Mahjong is an interesting game that is not just fun but also offers numerous benefits. The best part? You do not have to buy a Mahjong board to get the benefits of the game. Play Mahjong online for free by typing play mahjong online anywhere on the internet.