Online Gambling with cards, roulette and bonuses.
Online casino concept. Laptop with roulette, slot machine, casino chips and playing cards isolated on black background. 3d illustration

Today, it is easier to find an online gambling platform than it ever was. Free bonuses, cool games, and all sorts of other perks are bombarding us from social media ads, pop-up banners, and even TV. Online casinos and betting sites are coming in thousands! Yet, not every one of them is worth your time and money. To help us understand what to look for at an online casino, we talked to Maja K. Lundborg, a gaming expert from Denmark.

“The first step would be to read all the Danish online casino reviews at CasinoHex”, she says jokingly, referring to the site she runs, “Generally speaking, reviews are always a good place to start as they provide a deeper insight into the brand itself. However, keep in mind they have to be balanced and objective, and if you encounter a site that talks only about the good stuff – run as fast as you can!”

Regulation and Safety

The first thing you should know is whether the casino you are about to play with is licensed or not. Lundborg says regulated casinos are easy to spot: “Just scroll down until you reach the footer, and look for emblems, and signs indicating it is regulated. Then, click it. It should direct you to the authority’s page where you can see if the license is valid, under suspension, etc.”

She also warns not all regulators are created the same. In her opinion, it is always best to play with a casino licensed by your local authority, like Spelinspektionen for gamers in Sweden, or Danish Gambling Authority for those from Denmark. Maja also mentions checking whether the company has integrated SSL protocols, or maybe even some additional safety measures such as 2-step authentication.

Gaming and Betting

The second step would be exploring the gaming and betting library. “The thing is simple: if you are into casino, look for a wider variety of casino games, and if you are into sports, look for those specialized in sports betting. Some platforms combine the two, but most of them are better at one thing than the other”, claims Maja.

So, are there any rules on what makes a variety good? Lundborg says that if a casino has more than 2,000 slot machines, it should be enough for most gamers. Also, she mentions live casino interface, which should be powered by more than one content supplier. When it comes to sports, she advises to simply take a look and see what is on the menu. A good decision would be to choose a few odds at sports you love and compare them with what other bookies have to offer.

Bonuses and Benefits

Bonuses are one of the biggest selling points of any online casino. They promise you more money to play with than you can imagine, free bets, and some of them even double or triple your deposit. But is all that for real, we asked?

“It depends on whether you understand the concept of bonus. It is money you get to play with, and not withdraw immediately. To get the right to a cashout, you will have to play it according to the rules, and you better pick a casino with fair bonus terms”, honest is Maja.

She provided some guidelines that can help in determining whether the bonus is right for you. Look for the wagering requirement, maximum bet, and required odds. Finally, check the deadline and make sure the company gives you enough time to reach that rollover, regardless of how low or user-friendly it might seem.