When we are going through problems in our life, we take refuge in different things. Most of us become keener to acquire insight into what will happen in the future. Well, most of us have forgotten the fact that ignorance is surely a bliss.

Most people take refuge in astrology when things start to go wrong. It is surely naïve of them. We will just answer why you should not trust astronomy. Make sure that read till the end to learn more here and get your answers.

Reasons not to trust astrology

Verdict is not based on evidence

There is no denying the fact that most of the astrologers tend to play with your psyche. What they tell you mostly relies on the movement of the planets. They tend to come up with a new theory every time there is change in the position of the plants.

The astrologers do not have any evidence to back up their claim. Remember, a change in position of the planets will not change your personality every time. You should not blindly rely on what they say.

The reason is that it can lead to frustration and further deteriorate your mental state which you will not want. You need to believe in the fact that nothing is permanent but change. Once you start to believe in this, you will realize your ordeal will not last.

Multiple astrologers do not share the same view point

The surprising part is that when you visit astrologers, no two astrologers will agree on the same view point. As a result, you will end up getting more confused. They de-track you from your core objective.

 They never give you the big picture

Astrology is all about the movement of the planets. It is assumed that it may affect your life in different way. Now, what most astrologers do is that they give you a verdict looking at the big planets. The truth is that there are many dwarf planets also.

Their movement may have an impact also. However, most astrologers never talk about these small planets. As a result, they can never give you the complete picture.

Making the wrong predictions

You must be knowing that little knowledge can be dangerous. Astrology refers to the connection between human relations and celestial bodies. However, when we look at the entire situation scientifically, we come up with a different conclusion.

If we make the predictions on the basis of the connection, then it can be wrong. Believing in something which is not right can depress you further.

There are times when you pay heavily for the astrological predictions. Do not suffer in silence.  When you get troubled, adopt a proactive approach to deal with your problems. Face one issue at a time. Remain hopeful that everything that goes wrong will eventually turn right.

It is a matter of time. Do not live in the theories of astrology because they will leave you nowhere. Try facing the reality and things will not worsen up further.