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The ever-evolving online gaming market is a billion-dollar industry. The PC Gaming segment had an estimated revenue of around 37 billion US dollars in 2020. In comparison, the Mobile Phone Gaming segment had an estimated revenue of almost 77 billion US dollars in 2020. The consumption of various video games has seen an upward movement every year, with a massive influx of new games introduced in the PC Gaming and Mobile Phone Gaming formats. Game developers are trying their best to design an exciting game that will keep your dopamine rushing. Avid gamers are always on the look-out for that next exciting game. There is a difference in liking from person to person, as no two minds are alike. Hence some games that may interest a particular individual will be termed boring by some. 

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The loss of interest while playing a video game or feeling like you are in a rut while playing the same type of game will lead to boredom. The lack of enthusiasm is not something that a player wants to feel while playing any video game, but it is also a very natural thing that players experience. The fundamental reasons for losing interest in a video game can be:

  • Predictable nature of a game and repetitiveness, 
  • No modifications or variants
  • Slow-paced narrative
  • No challenges
  • No surprises or riveting twists
  • Lack of rewards 

An elaboration of the above points will help you better understand the reason: 

Repetition is tedious

Often, game developers try to recycle gameplay elements to fasten production. The recycling of these gameplay elements may be a positive step for the production process but does not mean that it keeps the game interesting. Similar plots or copied gameplay elements cause a detrimental issue which makes the gamers lose interest quickly. 

No surprise element

If every plot and twist in the game is predictable and the gamers can quickly sense what is coming, they lose interest. There is a distinct surprise level that the game designers need to incorporate, which can generate curiosity and keep the gamers interested. The story of surprise should be relevant to the plot of the game. 

A challenging experience

Who does not like stiff competition? Would you prefer hard work or hardly working? I would prefer the former. The same is with gaming. The game falls flat if it seems like a piece of cake, and there are no levels, challenges or additional complicated steps as the game progresses. A gamer will lose interest and swiftly move on to find the next game that will excite them. 

The pacing

Every game has its plot and the storyline built to add value to its excitement levels. Eventually, a game is not a play or a movie, and if the pacing is not just right, the gamer feels unengaged. An engaging pace keeps the player’s interest locked and does not give any boredom scope to seep in.

No rewards

When the incentive to work hard is enticing enough, individuals feel motivated to achieve their goals. The same applies to gaming. Without an additional bonus factor, the players do not think necessarily incentivised to play. The rewards can be in the form of new attires, in-game money, food benefits in the game, new fields to play and, more. The most exciting part for a player is achieving a reward after triumphantly completing a level in the game and moving on to the next level for better rewards. 

Playing too much

playing games too much

Are you extremely familiar with your video game? An acute familiarity with the game may be one of the primary reasons for boredom. You have played the game, know all the levels, recognize the pace and scenes, and probably blindly navigate the game. It is time to move on and find a different game that will keep your gaming spirit fed.  

There are various ways which you can adapt not to get bored with the video games you enjoy playing and keep your gaming soul entertained.

There are some based on the options of the video game and some based on your personal choices. 

Take a break

Try switching to a hobby you enjoy for a bit, like reading, cycling, swimming, basically anything that is not a gaming-related hobby. It will help you break the monotony and let you return to your gaming with fresh zest. 

Try a new game

You can manage to renew your interest by switching to a different video game genre. You may either end up enjoying the new genre or downright hate it, but it will, at the least, you would be able to get back to your gaming with a fresh perspective. 

Design of the game

Creating a hands-on experience in any game will automatically keep the player interested for more extended periods. It may get difficult to present more choices in puzzle format games, but a more comprehensive interactive interface in RPG format games keeps the player’s interest piqued.

While designing video games is a very immersive process, the market for video games is vast. There are so many options in the video game market today for every genre and sensibility, but then again, too many options can be a spoiler. Your favorite video game may end up being supremely dull after a particular time, and your search for the next exciting game will start. The video game developing firms are always on their toes to keep their players engaged while also maintaining the game’s authenticity.