Why Cricket Is The Best Way To Multiply Your Income

Cricket is an enormous sport and is cherished by the people of India. It is played by experts as well as beginners. The huge admiration of cricket amongst the Indian population began when the Indian National team bagged its first World Cup in 1983. This was a remarkable milestone in the history of Indian cricket that enhanced the interest of many Indians in watching cricket.

With TV sets in almost all Indian homes in the 80s and 90s, cricket enthusiasts used to watch the live telecast of cricket series to enjoy the thrill. The passion and dedication of Indians for crickets cannot be described in words. It is rightly said that cricket is considered a religion by many cricket fans. After the first world cup, the Indian team became the champions on several occasions in India and worldwide.

Cricket: the richest sport in India

Cricket has developed immensely in the last few years and garnered the attention of people from all walks of life. Moreover, the infrastructure of the cricket industry has improved drastically.

Cricket is played in India and abroad. The board of control for cricket in India (BCCI) manages both domestic and international matches. Many star cricketers were born who made India proud on international platforms. Players like Sachin Tendulkar, Kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar, Rahul Dravid, and MS Dhoni are the best players in India and the world.

BCCI has now become the most powerful and richest cricket organization in the world. This has only been made possible because of the increased interest of the viewers, which led to private sponsorship for players.

Noticing the keen interest of Indians in cricket, the BCCI promoted the game through several mediums. Gradually, funds started flowing from the marketing industries to promote cricket. The Indian cricketers were rewarded generously for performing victoriously in the field. They were also given offers to be a part of advertisements. Today, Indian cricketers afford a lavish lifestyle.

How to bet on cricket?

A few years back, sportsbooks used to only host popular sports such as soccer and basketball but as the sports betting market started to grow, the number of offered sports started to increase.

The sportsbook now covers a variety of sports including cricket, hockey, chess, polo, golf, and virtual sports as well. Most of the sports have not done so well in terms of betting but cricket continues to rule amongst the punters of Indian and the world.

The admiration of cricket in India has made it very common for punters to place bets on cricket matches and leagues. This has also led to the growth of numerous Indian betting websites that are exclusively tailored for Indian bettors.

Have you ever wondered how to bet on cricket? If you are new to cricket betting, make sure to go through this section.

  • Understand the basics of cricket: Just like any other sport, cricket has its own rules and regulations. If you are keen to bet on cricket, you must master its basic rules and regulations.
  • Know about the participating teams: Go through the ranking charts and statistics of the participating teams to help you place the winning bet. If you want to win a bet, you should get yourself familiarized with the skills and shortcomings of the participating teams.
  • Learn about cricket betting odds: If you are new to cricket betting, chances are that you don’t have information about cricket betting odds. Cricket-betting odds denote the possibility that a specific result will happen. If you want to make money on the bets you have placed in cricket, make sure that you thoroughly understand the cricket betting odds.
  • Check the weather forecast: Weather conditions can drastically affect the performance of players and the outcomes of the matches. Keep a watch on the weather forecast and place the bets accordingly. Rainy weather may cause the match to end in a draw so keep all these tips in mind. Also, note the general climate of the area where the cricket series is going on.
  •  Analyze the condition of the pitch: Always analyze the condition of the pitch as it is one of the important factors that affect the result of cricket matches. Most of the time, the condition of the pitch is modified by rainy weather.

Cricket is played in three different ways. You can place bets on Test Cricket, which is the basic form of the sport. These are lengthy series and last for up to five days. Another form of cricket is One Day International Cricket, which is a most sought-after series amongst the spectators and bettors as it is played in a day with fifty overs.

The new version of cricket is the T20 which includes a lot of exciting elements and entertainment. The Indian Premiere League is a T20 series that lets the teams have a single innings only. It is an excellent concept and therefore, has gained fame from audiences all over the world.

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