5 Reasons You Need a Serious Truck Crash Attorney

In the United States, an average of 130,000 people are injured in truck accidents annually. The number of fatalities from truck crashes accounts for 11% of all car crash deaths. Fatal crashes involving trucks are increasing every year.

About 96% of fatalities in truck and passenger car collisions are occupants of the passenger vehicle. Given the frequency and fatality of truck collisions, having a serious truck crash attorney is necessary. An attorney is knowledgeable enough to represent you in case of an accident.

An experienced lawyer will take steps that are in your best interest.

Have you or someone you know been involved in a truck crash? Are you on the fence about hiring an attorney? Read on to uncover 5 major reasons for hiring a truck crash lawyer.

1. Obtaining Better Settlements

Insurance firms may not give you sufficient compensation for your losses. Following an auto crash, insurance companies proceed to collect information from involved parties. They gather data from the drivers involved.

They also take police reports into account. From this information, insurance firms determine who is responsible and decide how much compensation the afflicted party should get. Afterward, the insurance company will send a letter containing a compensation offer they find to be fit.

When you sign on the offer, you no longer have the right to file a lawsuit on the auto crash. In many instances, the extent of injuries manifests after some time. Even if the offer looks like a lot, do not hurry to settle before fully comprehending the magnitude of your injuries.

A truck crash lawyer will help you take the best approach to get a good settlement. An attorney cannot guarantee you a particular outcome. However, they can assess certain facts to determine what compensation you deserve.

2. Establishing All Liable Parties

When a truck crash happens, it may seem obvious for the truck driver to be the liable party. Most times, there is more to the story. Unlike most car crashes, in truck collisions, many different parties possess accountability for the accident.

The responsible parties include the trucking firm, the truck producer, vendors, the driver, and cargo owners. They can also include road construction organizations and government bodies. A car accident lawyer can help you find out the liable parties in a truck crash.

They do so by interviewing eyewitnesses, examining the driver’s history, and analyzing the firm’s insurance data. A serious truck crash attorney will also inspect the motor vehicles involved, assess medical files, and safeguard important evidence.

You have a right, by law, to seek compensation from parties whose negligence resulted in an injury-causing crash. To obtain compensation, you must demonstrate that the party had a duty of care to not endanger others.

You must also show they violated that duty of care by creating a dangerous situation. Some injured claimants sue multiple defendants for one truck crash.

3. Guidance on What to Say

Multiple parties are involved in handling an accident that results in expensive damages. You might get many calls from insurance companies requesting additional information. This situation might be stressful.

You might worry about saying the wrong things and give the idea that the auto crash was your fault. Insurance adjusters can get you to say the wrong thing intentionally. You may not even be aware of the impact of your words on your claim.

Nursing serious injuries while getting trying to answer a flood of questions can add to your stress. Involving a car accident lawyer allows you to direct all questions by the insurance company to them.

Hiring a serious truck crash attorney lets you have peace of mind. You will not have to continuously be on guard about what you say. The car accident lawyer will guide you in case of any communication you need to do.

4. Compensation for Non-Economic Damages

An insurance firm can give you a sufficient settlement offer that covers all your accident-related hospital bills. This offer may seem great but it’s advisable not to sign. The losses you experience due to an auto crash exceed medical costs.

You can recover damages for the revenue you lost if you were unable to work following a truck crash. Sometimes, by the time your case goes to court or settles, you might still be unable to work. In such a scenario, you can obtain compensation for future lost revenue.

These are some examples of economic damages you can recover. Complainants in a personal injury lawsuit can be granted non-economic damages. This is awarded for their loss of companionship, hardship, and emotional anguish.

A serious truck crash attorney will ask for non-economic damages in addition to economic damages.

5. Get Counsel on the Legal Process

Some car accidents can be handled without legal representation. But that is the last thing you should do if you’re involved in a truck crash.

Legal procedures involving this type of accident can be complex and overwhelming. Even more so for accidents involving commercial trucks.

You don’t need additional stress when you are injured, trying to get better, or grieving the loss of a loved one. A car accident lawyer can handle the trucking and insurance company on your behalf.

They will give you proper counsel on the case and issues concerning the settlement. A truck crash lawyer has the necessary expertise to maneuver in the legal system. You should ask these questions to assess your potential truck crash lawyer.

Get Help From a Serious Truck Crash Attorney

In case you are injured in a truck collision, you need to get legal assistance to understand your rights. A serious truck crash attorney will help you with all the legal issues as you recuperate. The lawyer will help you obtain better settlements and determine liability.

They will also guide you on what to say. Truck crash lawyers can also help you recover non-economic damages. Lastly, they can use their expertise to counsel you on complex legal proceedings.

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