5 Las Vegas Casino Secrets You Must Know

Las Vegas is a destination that is constantly renewing itself, which is why every year it has new attractions to offer. Our first experience in Las Vegas revolves around its hotels, each one with unique attractions to discover. Resorts like the Cromwell, the LINQ, and the Delano are the new promise of luxury and relaxation in the city of neon.

We continue with the fantastic world of entertainment, where in shows like La Réve and Absinthe, dreams seem to come true, where the body becomes the canvas of music, like in Cirque de Soleil and Showstoppers, and where magic and hypnosis they reveal themselves before our eyes with the talent of Copperfield or Penn and Teller.

But just as Las Vegas is a visual and auditory delight, its restaurants are for the palate. Carbone’s vodka rigatoni, Herringbone’s seafood, the freshness of Harvest, Bouchon’s pastries and even the daring flavors of Burro Borracho are experiences that transcend good food.

We continue with the ever-changing boulevard The Strip, the backbone of the city. As Budweiser’s new Beer Park flourishes and the Riviera Casino disappears, the Monte Carlo Theater is being remodeled, and the monumental T-Mobile Arena and Monte Carlo Theater are planned to open.

And finally Las Vegas casinos…

Just like the little ones, adults also deserve to play. And what better than Las Vegas casinos to do it? In addition to the familiar ones, it’s worth exploring newer options like the SLS Hotel Casino, the Linq Hotel O’Sheas, the Downtown Grand and the Cromwell. Hoping luck smiles on you and you leave with more than you came with, we end our tour of the newest in Las Vegas, a destination that has it all. However if you want to feel the Las Vegas casino feel in your room it is quite possible. You can find here better live dealer casinos than anywhere else.

The phrase “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” is one of the most popular in the world, and when we think about it a bit, we should not be surprised by the number of secrets kept in the city, especially when it comes to of the bets. To take some of the mystery out of it, we’ll share 5 Las Vegas casino secrets with you. 

1. Drinking alcohol is a sure way to lose

Although many of its visitors consider free alcohol to be one of the diversions while gambling in Las Vegas, it is a very clear strategy. Unless you have a very high resistance to alcohol, the purpose of your constant drinking is to cloud your perceptions and judgment. If you want to win, you’ll have to hold your posture.

2. Every game has a house edge

Although it is not obvious, the house never loses. What varies is how it retains its advantage. For example, according to Ilya Veygman, a programmer from Menlo Park, California, and Jenn Tseng, a hotel operations professional in Las Vegas, roulette has by far the worst chances of winning among the popular games. However, the game with the greatest chance of winning is poker, as it is the only game in which the house does not take the money directly from the player, rather it depends on who is betting.

3. Bet more to win more

All promotional advertise that the more you bet, the more you win, speaking of proportions. However, it is advisable to bet a maximum of three times the cost of the game, for example, if it costs 25 cents, bet 50 or 75. Remember, we are talking about the secrets of Las Vegas casinos, so it is not highly recommended to follow the advice they give us.

4. Casinos are built to mislead

If you find it hard to find your way out of a casino once you’ve entered, it’s not your sense of direction that’s at fault. The casinos are built in labyrinthine designs. Its intention is that you get lost to distract yourself with some machine or game that crosses your casino, declares Veygman. Also, you will never find a clock in the casino, as they do not want to convey the idea that “it’s late” or “you have to go”. This is also because the more you play, the more likely you are to lose.

5. If you win, leave

It seems that the only way to leave a casino without big losses, aside from not gambling, is to leave after winning a game. According to experts, you are only likely to win once or twice during the day. When it’s your turn, walk away or you’ll probably end up losing everything again.

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In Conclusion

Take this into account the next time you go to Las Vegas or to a casino. Do not doubt that you can have fun and, if you are lucky, win in the attractions that are offered in this city; however, knowing the things that Las Vegas casinos do not tell us helps to be careful with what we bet.