The title ‘video game designer’ is one that sounds exciting. For many, it is the ideal career, and something they are passionate about. Yet there must be more to this career than a fun title and being able to play video games for a living; there must be additional benefits because, over time, those other things will not be enough to sustain long term success – the human mind needs more variety than there.

The good news is that if you are considering becoming a videogame designer, there are a number of different reasons why this is a great idea; here are the benefits to help you make a good career choice.

You Can Create Your Own Games

For many, the ideal path is to obtain the right qualifications and then have a wonderful career in videogame designing by landing a high paying job at one of the big gaming studios. It’s true that this can happen for some people, but the gaming world is a competitive one, and there isn’t room for everyone to take the high flying careers on offer.

While this may seem like a negative, it’s far from it. Although you might not get the job you wanted in the place you were hoping to work, there’s nothing to stop you from creating your own games and launching them yourself. When it comes to the ‘indie scene,’ video games are one of the most popular products. The big studios are still important, but gamers now look at the quality of the game rather than who makes it when deciding what to play, so you stand as good a chance as anyone else as creating the next big hit.

It’s More Than Entertainment

The primary reason that anyone plays a video game to be entertained, so that should be the primary reason that you create any kind of game. However, there is no reason why you shouldn’t also create a game that does more than that – a game that educates is something that is always going to be popular, particularly with parents of your children who might not want them to play games but if they are educational, they will make an exception.

Children are educated and entertained through video games, astronauts are prepared for missions through them, soldiers are trained through them. They are for everyone and can be used for everything.

Plus, you are making people happy. There is a lot to be said for the skill of brightening up someone’s day, and if your game is doing that, then you should be proud of yourself and feel good too.

As well as this, there are plenty of other things that a video game can do, depending on what platform they are used on and how they are played. They can:

  • Combat weight gain
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Reduce the symptoms of depression

Few Barriers To Entry

Unlike some careers that need specific qualifications in certain subjects, when it comes to designing video games that’s just not the case. You can, of course, go to college and obtain a degree in this subject, or a similar one, and that can help you if you want to find a job with one of the larger gaming companies, and put yourself ahead of the competition. However, if you want to save money and time, you can do things in a different way.

You might simply continue with a hobby that you took up in your teens, turning it into a career by producing more and more games and launching them through apps, for example. Or you could obtain a less expensive qualification at night school, where you would only need something like the money from payday loans no credit check to pay for the classes. You could then join a smaller company, and work your way up.

It’s A Growing Industry

There is a lot of uncertainty around job security at the moment, and not many people can confidently say that they work in a growing sector. As a video game designer, however, you can. Gaming is a definite growth industry, and it seems that no matter what happens, it will continue to grow – people will always want to play games. Plus, because there are some huge players in the market such as Nintendo, there is a lot of money within the sector too, and that makes it even easier for it to stay afloat.

With newer and more exciting technology innovations coming along seemingly every day, there is a lot of mileage in video games, and that makes it an ideal career to get into if you want long term security.

You’ll Love What You Do

If you talk to many workers today, the sad reality is that they are not following their dreams. All they are doing is working in a job that gives them the money they need to survive in life. That doesn’t mean they enjoy it, and that’s a shame considering how many hours a week we spend doing those jobs.

When you are a video game designer, not only do you get to play games and make them from scratch, but you get paid for it too. Could there be a better way to spend the days of your week than this? It’s ideal, and it will make you a more content, happier person, making your life more stress-free.

The Work Environment Is Casual

Some workplaces want their employees to wear suits, even ties, and although those people might dislike wearing these clothes, they have no choice. In a video game design workplace, it is usually a lot more casual, and workers can wear what makes them feel comfortable. You might still choose to wear a suit or smart clothing, but you might equally feel better in jeans and a t-shirt.

Being able to wear what you want will help you to feel less restricted and more able to work well in many cases. It may seem like a small thing, but it could make a big difference.