Sweepstakes Casinos

If you’ve recently heard about sweepstakes casinos and are thinking about playing in one, it’s best to first learn a bit more about what they actually are. Moreover, you should also get some tips on finding the best option there is.

What are sweepstakes casinos?

For starters, we should go over what sweepstakes casinos are. You might already play games in online casinos and understand how they work. With that in mind, sweepstakes casinos should not be difficult to get familiar with. Simply put, here, you don’t use real money as you would in an online casino, but you make wagers with virtual currency.

If you want to play in a sweepstakes casino, you will need some virtual currency. Sweepstakes casinos typically use two main currency types – cash and coins. It’s necessary to see which types you can exchange for real money before you purchase any currency. Furthermore, you should know that there are also deals you can find when first signing up for a sweepstakes casino. For instance, you might get a welcome bonus or free coins to get you started. These coins can be used for everything from poker and baccarat to slots and roulette. Keep in mind that the variety might not be as large as in real-money casinos, but you should still be able to find something interesting for yourself.

Usually, sweep coins will cost you $1 each. When you buy some, you can take part in games that pique your interest, like slots and poker. However, you can also participate in other contests that can help you win money. It’s important to remember that you might have to meet certain requirements before you can withdraw your winnings.

There is also a social aspect to sweepstakes casinos. If you go for gold coins, you can’t exchange them for actual money, but you can boost your social status, in addition to other benefits. If you purchase them in a bundle, they will be much cheaper than sweep coins.

Are Sweepstakes Casinos Gaining Popularity?

As the online gaming and gambling markets are constantly evolving, new forms of games are becoming popular. That is one of the reasons why sweepstakes casinos are gaining popularity across the world, especially in the US. These games allow players to enjoy some fun games in the safest way possible, which is also entirely legal. What’s more, people don’t have to worry about losing any money in these casinos and they can simply relax and enjoy the game. Additionally, as there are more and more quality and reliable sweepstakes casinos in the US, more players are joining them to earn their gold coins and have fun. Plus, many online casino operators are now adding such games to their offers, greatly broadening people’s game choices.

The best sweepstakes to enter in 2023

Many casinos hold casino sweepstakes with different perks such as bonuses, payment methods and games library. After carefully reading the reviews and ratings, we listed below some of the best sweepstakes casinos you can try your luck at.

  • Luckyland Slots

Luckyland Slots is a popular sweepstakes casino site that offers various slot games, including the jackpot, classic, and modern five-reel and multiway slots. The online casino offers 7777 Gold Coins as a bonus, and its win rate is 97.45%, which makes it one of the best.

  • Chumba Casino

Chumba Casino, awards its players 2 Sweep Coins to open an account and participate in a social media tournament via Facebook. They ask the easiest questions on their social media platforms, and participants must answer them to win prizes. With Chumba Casino, you can mail them following their instructions to redeem your coins.

Bonus up to $30, win rate 93.10%

This casino is the type of so-called “social casino” that awards players who participate in different games and tournaments on social media, such as Facebook, for example. The games usually comprise easy questions that have to be answered to win prizes, such as Chumba Casino’s bonus (up to $30). You can also win coins and redeem them by mailing the casino following the specific instructions. With a win rate of 93.10% and such a good bonus,  we place Chumba Casino in second place.

  • Global Poker

On the popular social poker site Global Poker, you can get 5000 gold coins for free as a login bonus by signing up. There is no need to input a Global Poker bonus code to benefit from this deposit bonus.

Bonus 5000 Gold Coins, win rate 96.10%

Global Poker gives away 5000 Gold Coins for free as a login bonus. You get it if you sign up on the social poker site and the great news is that you don’t need their Global Poker code to benefit from their deposit bonus. Taking into consideration the easy-to-access bonus and the win rate of 96.10%, we placed Global Poker in third place.