Have you ever wondered how someone can comfortably sit in a room all day glued to the screen playing a game while communicating with a stranger? Such is the life of gamers. Since their invention, video games have come to create an online social platform that can only be understood by those who are playing them. Play stations have become a necessarily home appliance, just like televisions and home theatres. Children are so addicted to them such that when they start playing them, you might forget of their existence. Teens grow into pro gamers able to make a decent income off it. So who do we have to thank or blame for this rising technology?

Creating video games, although not many people know, is one of the highest paying jobs that you can ever do without moving an inch from your computer. Others may call it a lazy man’s job but if it pays the bills, then maybe it is something we ought to consider including in the school syllabus. It is not easy to configure these commands and put them into an online platform that can be accessed by anyone from any part of the world. The other challenging part about video games is that they require a constant upgrade.

Say you have created a game that has ten levels. After a certain person can crack all the loopholes and make it to the end, what now? You may find that your game becomes irrelevant after some time and people stop playing it. With new games being released daily, a game creator has always to find ways of improving the game; otherwise, the monotony of it will quickly make clients move on to something else.


Are Video Games a Necessary Evil?

What we can say is that it is not a straightforward question to answer. We could say that they are both necessary and evil, depending on your outlook of them. Once you are done reading what we have on them, maybe you can draw your conclusion.

  • Video games and Education

The relationship between these two is both positive and negative. One, video games are usually developed in a manner that is not very straight forward. Just the same way a student tasked to write an analytical essay needs to use the collected data to get results and conclusions. Gamers also have to think outside the box to find loopholes to proceed from one level to another. In reality, this teaches the gamer that in the real world, too, you ought to go beyond the obvious and get solutions by critical thinking. The downside of this is that video games can be quite addictive. You find that some children, once they get home from school, they will go straight to their games and things like homework or other chores end up being forgotten.

  • Video games and Crime Rates

We know that it is technically impossible for someone to be at two places at the same time. The crime rate of an area is usually increased by the number of jobless youth in it. If you start a program that teaches them how to create their games or a gaming room where they can play during their free times, then you are not likely to find them out in the streets mugging unsuspecting citizens.

The downside of this is that it may have a huge impact on your health. Most doctors will tell you that anyone who comes in complaining of stomach upsets has probably been seated all day playing video games while munching on junk. Sitting in one position all day, creating or playing a video game means that physical exercise is not something that you will remember to do. This is how obesity and other heart diseases crop up in a person.

  • Video games and Socialization

Online video games are interesting in that when playing with someone else from another continent, you get to talk with them and in some cases develop a tight friendship. This is a stranger whom you just met online, and this can help foster communication skills, especially with shy gamers. On the other hand, one might become so accustomed to talking to someone whom you cannot see such that you forget how to forge real physical relationships.

These are not all the perks and disadvantages that come with video games, but as you can see, for every benefit, there is a negative side of it. Moreover, if you look through the history of video games, you will find that its creators are very young minds. This shows that there is untapped potential hidden in the youth of this generation. We only need to find a system that can tap into that knowledge and create a forum for them to thrive.