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This lockdown situation is not comfortable on any of us. But we do what we must – staying home means staying safe.

However, all that time that we have to spend at home triggers a question: what do we do now? If you asked yourself this question at least once, trust us – we did too. If you are staying at home for the entire day, you must find something to entertain you.

And it’s only a matter of time before your movies and TV shows become boring. But there is a solution that can solve the problem of boredom quite quickly – gaming. You can play any game that you like, explore different consoles and platforms, and enjoy premium gaming while you sit at home.

Have a look at our list of the best games that you can play during the quarantine.

Board Games

Although modern gaming is quite different from old-school board games, an occasional round can be quite pleasant. Board games provide an excellent opportunity to have fun with your family and friends. And, with this quarantine, you are spending all your time surrounded by family. What better way to have fun, pass the time, and have a few laughs with your loved ones?

Some of the best board game ideas are Risk, Cluedo, and good old Monopoly. If you are a fan of words, Scrabble can be quite an exciting choice. Furthermore, if you have a chessboard within the house, you can play a couple of rounds chess too. Studies have shown that chess has a host of benefits for your health. Scientists even said that playing chess can prevent Alzheimer’s so be sure to try it out if you have a board in the house.

Virtual Reality Games

These days, VR has been one of the hottest topics. We asked ourselves why there was a sudden spike in VR popularity, but we soon realized it’s because of the quarantine. More and more users are relying on their Oculus Rifts to spice things up during long hours of isolation. One of the reasons why VR is especially attractive to users nowadays is its flexibility. For example, many users found that their VR gadgets were an excellent medium for exercise. Namely, as gyms across the globe closed, people were left with no choice but to quit exercising. There was no other way to stay fit except exercise at home – but that doesn’t often include any professional equipment. However, with VR, that problem is solved. Forbes even published a guide for VR training with games that are fun, enjoyable, and useful.

Casino Games

Another exciting way to have fun during lockdown is to play casino games. With these games, you basically have unlimited options. You can make a make-shift casino floor out of your living room, complete with a bar, Roulette and Blackjack tables, and dealers. However, if you are looking for something less physically active, you can sit and play cards with your family. Traditional casino games are excellent pastime because they are fun and easy to play with only card decks. If you want to immerse in the realistic experience of real casinos, you can go for something more authentic. You can try out various video slots online in some of the best casinos for slot games. There you’ll find even more games that will be an excellent choice during the lockdown. As we told you, your options are unlimited.

Console Games

If you are looking for something more gaming-oriented, we recommend trying out consoles. Consoles are currently the number one choice for gamers around the world. Plus, if you are new to this type of gaming, now is the time to try it out.

Consoles serve various purposes. For portable gaming, we recommend Nintendo Switch. Xbox One X is excellent for gaming enthusiasts, while Xbox One S is excellent for multimedia gaming. Those who are going for a more retro feel should seek Sega Genesis Mini. Of course, we mustn’t forget PlayStation 4 Pro, the current top console for video games on the global market.