In your spare time away from work, relaxing and playing some of your favorite video games can be a great way to relax and destress from the responsibilities of the working week. However, the problem with gaming all the time is that, even if you are lucky enough to play a whole host of different style video games, they will become too predictable and lose their appeal.

As with anything, too much repetition will always take the fun out of the things you love. To help you get out of this potential rut, this quick and handy guide will walk you through three ideas of how to spend your free time if you want or need a break from staring at the screen all weekend long.

Immerse yourself in a whole new concept
One of the great things about playing video games is that you have to think your way through problems and challenges in order to get to the next level and this element of competitiveness and creative thinking are often what get people hooked onto a good game. One idea as an alternative is to visit an Escape Room where you are locked in with a group of friends and have a limited amount of time to work out how to unlock the door and get out before your time is up.

This is a very fun activity for someone who loves video games as it takes the creativity and quick thinking of a game and puts it into the real world. This is a great chance to get social with your friends and take a break from your consoles.

Learn a useful new skill
If you are into video games, the chances are that you are also interested in the way they are crafted and put together. To change things up, a great idea is to learn how to code through Coding Bootcamps, as this could allow you to maybe make your own video game one day. What’s more is that there are actually games to help you with programming, so you can swap out your latest PlayStation or Xbox game to learn a valuable new skill in your spare time which will also look great on your CV.

Start your very own story
One of the best things about video games, especially the ones that win the awards, is that they are not only great graphics and quests but have an interesting storyline and concept that makes them unique, and part of the joy of playing them is seeing this story unfold. To this end, a final idea for you is to put pen to paper and get writing a story all of your own. There are lots of reasons why you should write a book or even just get a little creative writing flash-fiction, but the main one of having an outlet for all the interesting things you have to say.

Being a gamer doesn’t mean you have to be playing games every minute of every day but rather finding other hobbies that compliment your passion.