funny-alienPlaylogic plans to bring Aliens in the Attic, a computer game (thankfully!) based on the upcoming Hollywood Movie with the same name. The game, a family-friendly action-adventure is set to hit the stores on July 28 and delight everybody with its approach on the genre.

Aliens in the Attic will follow the storyline of the movie – a group of kids on a family vacation must stop an attack of some strange looking alien invaders who want to conquer the world; all while trying to keep their parents from finding out. Sounds fun, even though it is far from being a revolutionary concept.

“Aliens in the Attic provides endless hours of fun for the whole family,” said Rogier Smit, executive vice president for Playlogic. “Fox has created a movie full of heart-pumping action, thrills, comedy and good old fashion entertainment and we’ve translated those features right into the gameplay.”

It appears that Aliens in the Attic, however, will also allow players to assume the role of the alien-explorers and try to conquer the house in 15 action-heavy levels, which should add some extra value to the game. So remember: July 28 is the release date of this title!