The Top 10 Most Amazing Minecraft Creations

The Top 10 Most Amazing Minecraft Creations

Minecraft has become an enormous success since its release in 2009, with roughly 3 million users today. That’s no small feat for an indie DIY game that is a little over 2 years old now and is still in beta form. Since its release, many devoted fans of the game have managed to create amazing worlds, some more compelling than the next. Whether it be the Taj Mahal, Starship Enterprise or BioShock’s underwater fortress Rapture, Minecraft fans are becoming increasingly more creative. After scouring through the never-ending list of user-creations I’ve managed to compile ten of the most astonishing ones you’ll ever see. So check out below the Top 10 Most Amazing Minecraft Creations.

10. Dragon Valoo from Dragon Roost Island (The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker)

This collaborative project between Youtube users Pwegogaming and MissMinecraftBuilder is truly amazing.  Fans of The Legend of Zelda series should immediately take notice, especially fans of GameCube’s Wind Waker title, as this replica of Dragon Valoo is probably the most impressive 3D rendition of the dragon to date — or any Minecraft dragon creation, for that matter.  It’s so amazing to see such talent and creativity being used in Minecraft’s minimalist, yet expansive world.

You can see the finished project here:

9. Portal’s “Still Alive” theme song

It’s hard to deny the appeal of Portal’s theme song “Still Alive”, but what would it be like if this song could be replicated in Minecraft?  YouTube user Tritex989 managed to recreate “Still Alive,” the Jonathan Coulton-penned song, in its entirety using Minecraft’s new music blocks.  For a game about building, it’s compelling to see players take a different approach to the game, creating in-game strategies that are entirely new and fascinating.

8. Animal Cannon

I can’t get enough of this hilarious Minecraft creation.  Powered by 73 crates of TNT, this elaborate device, created by Youtube user kiershar, hurls an unsuspecting sheep into the great blue yonder at terrifying speeds.  And with that, the sheep was never seen again.

7. Starship Enterprise

Startrek fans should get a kick out of this one.  The Starship Enterprise is being constructed based on a set of blueprints by Youtube user Halnicholas and has already gotten some critical acclaim for the project.  It’s pretty outstanding to see a project this elaborate being constructed in front of our very eyes.

6. Laputa, Castle in the Sky

If you are a Studio Ghibli fan you should immediately recognize this beautiful rendition of  the floating island of Laputa from Hayao Miyazaki’s Castle in the Sky.  Youtube user cobinmi did an amazing job replicated both the look and feel of the island

5. Earth

Don’t confuse this for the other, equally amazing Minecraft Earth creation.  Instead of replicating the planet itself, Youtube user rodds469 is replicating a to scale replica of the Earth by using a NASA height map.  While this is still only a smaller scale test, it’s amazing to see each continent replicated so lovingly into the Minecraft world.  This project will undoubtedly grab some attention.

4. Rapture

Channeling their inner Andrew Ryan, Penny Arcade Community Servers created a loose replica of BioShock’s underwater fortress, Rapture.  While this is not an exact replica of the fortress what they did, instead, was try and retain the flavor of Rapture, while still enjoying the process of making their own original creation.  Regardless, it’s still an impressive feat, especially since it was crafted entirely from hand-mined materials in the game.

Part 1:

Part 2:

3. PokeCraft

I’m sure many of you are wondering what this little treasure is.  ChronoSquare, a collaborating group, actually replicated one of today’s most nostalgic video game worlds ever, Pokemon’s Kanto Region.  This community-constructed recreation of the Kanto region is a cut above the rest in that it’s so in the spirit of Minecraft’s creative mode, yet so in the spirit of Pokemon as well.  It might not be an original idea, but it sure is amazing to look at.

2. Minecraft Interstate 4.0

Ever wondered what it would look like if you were to build a super long railway through a Minecraft world? After lots of time and patience this user, Youtube’s brt5470, created a gargantuan stretch of rail, which he showed off in a gorgeous time-lapse video that was praised by Notch.  The extremely visceral video is one you cannot go without seeing.

1. 16-bit ALU

While most people playing Minecraft create houses, buildings, you name it, one user, Youtube’s theinternetftw, went one step further and created part of a functioning computer.  That might not mean a lot to most of you, but this creations is an outstanding replica of an actual computer within the game. Using red stone circuits he made an ALU, or arithmetic logic unit, which is the fundamental building block of any CPU.  From this project, theinternetftw hopes to create a fully functioning computer within the game that can run basic code.  That, my friends, is absolutely mind-blowing.

You can check out a demonstrations of this creation here:

Which of these amazing Minecraft creations is your favorite?