It’s time to uncover the Secrets of Ancient Egypt this week in The Sims Social and we’ll do that by completing a new series of missions – 5 of them – that will have us learn a lot about Cleopatra and her habits. And, of course, we will have a great deal of fun completing these new quests, so let’s check out below the guide to The Sims Social Egyptian Dreams missions!

Egyptian Dreams Part 1
– Clear away 3 shattered urn around Cleopatra’s Palace
– Build a base for Cleopatra’s Bed
– Feeling Spooked Out
Rewards: 10 LP, 15 XP, 1 Energy, Cloth

Egyptian Dreams Part 2
– Have 3 Glyph
– Complete the first STAGE of the Cleopatra’s Bed
– Compare notes with Ida
Rewards: 15 LP, 20 XP, 2 Energy, Cleo’s Silk

Egyptian Dreams Part 3
– Complete the first stage of the Egyptian Urn Painting Station
– Complete the second stage of Cleopatra’s Bed
– Present Results
Rewards: 20 LP, 25 XP, 2 Energy, Glyph

Egyptian Dreams Part 4
– Clear 3 piles of sand
– Complete the last stage of Cleopatra’s Bed
– Walk Like An Egyptian
Rewards: 25 LP, 30 XP, 2 Energy, Golden Thread

Egyptian Dreams Part 5
– Post up the anti-curse and get friends to help
– Have 3 Cleo’s Silk
– Activate Anti-Curse
Rewards: 30 LP, 40 XP, 2 Energy, Egyptian Cat Sculpture

And this is it! A mystical set of missions, we can say and clearly one very fun set to complete. So make sure you head over to The Sims Social right away and start working on the Egyptian Dreams missions!