Moving into the new year, the online casino gambling industry promises a lot of cool and exciting innovations. Among some of the innovations already coming to market include games and casino websites that offer Virtual Reality (VR) technology and the inclusion of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as viable banking options. While both these types of innovations have already been tested in actual online casino environments, software developers are already working to take things to the next level.

Perhaps the most interesting improvement the industry is offering in 2020 would involve improving the quality of mobile casino gambling. Make no mistake about it, mobile online gambling has already captured the imagination of online gamblers all over the world. That includes online gamblers in the US where online casino gambling is very much in its infancy.

The thing online gamblers can always count on is the online casino industry’s top software developers will never be satisfied with the content they have put forward. They take the approach that new technologies will always make room for new innovations in mobile app gambling.

Statistically, it is clear mobile gambling is the wave of the future. Currently, gambling market analysts estimate that 50% of all online gambling is being done through mobile apps. Furthermore, they are also predicting the percentage of mobile users will increase to as high as 80% within the next couple of years. Based on this information, it’s understandable why software developers like Netent and Microgaming are putting so much focus on mobile gambling platforms.

What 2020 Holds for Mobile Gamblers

To the credit of many of the online gambling industry’s top software developers, the quality of many mobile apps is nothing short of amazing. In many cases, an operator’s mobile app will offer a better gambling experience than that offered by the associated website. There’s more to come in 2020.

Let’s say you are ready to start playing some of the best online slots the industry has to offer. By the way, one of the new ones is Wheel of Wishes from Alchemy Gaming/Microgaming. It is not that far off that VR technology will allow you to become and integral part of the actual slot game right from your mobile device. Innovations like this are possible because software developers are devoting more time to creating games specifically for a mobile environment.

Other mobile gambling innovations coming soon to market include the ability to play live dealer games in a mobile environment, getting access to high resolution gaming options and the use of split screen technology that will allow online gamblers to play multiple games simultaneously.

Finally, the industry’s top software developers are already working to integrate Artificial Intelligence into the mobile gaming experience. It’s not that far off that an online gambling mobile app will be able to access any given gambler’s preferences and offer the gambler the games, bonuses and banking options the gambler in most likely to prefer.

Clearly, the online gambling industry is fully committed to quickly converting the latest mobile technology into the mobile gambling experience.