If you’ve been a fan of watching and participating in lotteries, you’ll know that there’s this exciting feeling you get the moment the numbers are going your way. For the longest time, the odds of winning the lottery has been one in 14 million, and that isn’t so encouraging. However, now with the 4D lottery (four-digit lottery) that only has 10,000 potential choices, the odds aren’t too astronomical. This type of lottery is gaining popularity fast because of its good odds and large payouts, and this article is going to tell you all about its rules, the odds of winning and how to participate, wherever you are in the world.

Here Are 8 Things You Should Know About the 4D Lottery:

The Odds of Winning are Higher

The entire point of participating in the lottery is in the hope of winning, but when the odds are one in around 14 million, it’s extremely discouraging for a person who doesn’t believe they’re that lucky. When the odds drop to one in 10,000, though, the entire game changes. 4D lottery or four-digit lottery is a game of chance that only requires you to pick one number from 0000 all the way to 9999, meaning that you have 10,000 total possibilities. It doesn’t stop there though, as there isn’t just one winner of the 4D lotto, there’s 23 for every draw. This can potentially increase your chances of winning to one in around 435 if you’re eligible to claim the winnings from all 23 draws.

The Rules of the Game

The regular lottery doesn’t have a fixed set of rules that provide you with more chances of winning if you purchase more tickets as it’s an all-or-nothing type of game. On the other hand, the 4D lottery gives you the chance to choose between two options, “big” or “small,” and depending on those, your odds of winning increase or decrease. If you pick the “small” option you’ll only be eligible to claim your prize if your number comes up from the first three prizes, but the winnings will increase to reward you for your bravery. If you pick the “big” option you’ll be able to get access to all 23 possible prizes. 10 of the 23 prizes are reserved for “special” picks that yield a reward that guarantees you a profit. And the last remaining 10 are “consolation” picks that give you a small reward that nets you enough money to keep a smile on your face and remind you that you’re lucky.

Bet & Check the Results From Home

The best part about participating in this lotto is the ease of access to it whenever you please. If you feel that betting in the middle of the night is the right thing for you, you’ll be free to do so by just heading online to either the website or the lotto application of your choice. While lotteries have been mostly found in countries across North America and Europe in the past, with the availability of betting online, they’ve found their way to Asian countries. If you happen to find yourself in an Asian country, like Malaysia, you’ll still be able to participate too. With a simple search, you’ll be able to find your way to the Best 4D Lottery Online Casino Malaysia with ease, especially since it’s become extremely popular over there these days. All you have to do is sign up, and you’ll be ready to start betting, but make sure you don’t forget to find a website with a really good starting deal.

It Suits All Types of Players

Now that the rules have been explained, you’ll see that the lottery gives you the chance to access either a big reward, that spans only for the first three prizes, or have a chance at being one of the lucky 23, but yields a smaller reward. If you feel like you’re the type of person who’s lucky enough to win the first big three, then you’re free to participate with the “small” option. If you’re someone who wants the safer yet less rewarding option, then you’re free to do so as well. The highest odds of winning, as stated by the people analyzing data from previous winnings, occur when you combine between both the “small” reward and the “big” reward by participating with multiple numbers, as this allows you access to all 23 numbers, including the higher payout of the “small” bet option.

Has an Extremely Helpful Community

With 4D lotto being available online, you can easily contact other people who share the same interest that you have in the lottery. Any questions that you have will most probably be answered by the support staff of the website/app you’re using. If you don’t find the answers with them, you can always head to general social media pages and talk to the community. Members are all generally helpful and provide a lot of information regarding lucky numbers since there are a lot of data analysts present all around. You can also find tons of videos explaining everything you need to know about the trends in picking numbers and what the best options are, depending on the betting platform being used.

While the rules of the 4D lotto might sound confusing at first, giving yourself 10 minutes to think it over and then taking another glance at it will help you realize that they’re very straight-forward and easy. This new kind of lottery is available online 24/7, which means you never have to worry about missing a drawing, especially if you use an online betting platform that has an application as you can schedule reminders to never miss a draw you’re participating in. It’s a whole new experience to be lived whenever you want, wherever you are, and on any device you choose. The cherry on top of this delicious sundae is the fact that 4D lottery’s chances of winning are 1,400 times better than the regular lottery’s odds, so you don’t have to wait years hoping to finally win the battle against the odds.