Here are our picks for the best zowie mouse in 2020.

Zowie EC series – EC1-A and EC2-A

Zowie EC1-A


Zowie EC2-A


The EC series is the most popular of the Zowie mice and comes in four different variants ranging from medium to large. These mice are ergonomic and designed specifically for right-handed users. 

The EC series mice are available in black, red, white, and CS: GO themed options. The EC1 is available in the large variant while the EC2 is available in medium. 

The EC1-A is an ideal mouse for gamers with large hands. It has a simple rounded design ideal for claw and palm grip and features proper weight distribution. The mouse is light and responsive. It is built with the Avago 3310 sensor, which makes controlling the game easier. The mouse also does not require a driver. 

The unit has a 24-step scroll wheel, adjustable USB report rate from 125-1000HZ, 1.5-1.8mm lift-off distance, and users can choose from DPI profiles between 400-3200. The mouse also has five buttons and a cable length of 6.6 feet. 

The EC2-A is the most popular mouse and is also very similar to the EC1-A model. It is also made with the Avago 3310 sensor and has the same size and shape as EC1-A. The DPI range and lift-off distance are the same. This mouse also comes with five buttons and a 16-step scroll wheel. 

The EC1-A is 3mm higher and 3mm wider at the middle and front than the EC2-A. EC1-A is also heavier at 97 grams compared to EC2-A, which weighs 93 grams making the latter many gamers ideal mouse. 


  • Palm/Claw grip support
  • 3310 optical gaming sensor
  • 400-3200 DPI adjustment
  • 125-1000 Hz USB report rate adjustment
  • Plug and play (No driver needed)
  • Ergonomic design
  • Light
  • Multiple model sizes


  • Limited DPI range for some
  • Fewer features than similarly priced mice
  • Simple design

Zowie FK Series – FK1, FK1+ and FK2

Zowie FK1


Zowie FK1+


Zowie FK2


The FK series is just as popular as the EC series. Still, the considerable difference between them is the FK models’ lack of hump. These mice are ambidextrous, so both right-handed and left-handed gamers can use them without any difficulty. These mice are only available in black and special edition white.

The FK1 has an asymmetrical layout and has four macro buttons – two on the left and two on the right. This mouse has a long right and left click button, which makes it very functional. The right side buttons come deactivated. If you are left-handed, then you can disable the left side buttons. 

The difference between the FK1, FK1+, and FK2 is their size. These slight size variances make all the difference. If you have large-sized hands that measure over 18.5cm, then FK1+ will be the perfect mouse for you. If you hand size measures between 16 – 17.5cm, then FK2 would be the right choice. If it is between 17-18.5cm, then we’d recommend going for the FK1 model.

All the FK models use the Avago 3310 sensor and have exceptional tracking. The USB report rate is adjustable from 125-1000HZ and comes with DPI options that range from 400 – 3200. There are no drivers required as these mice are plug and play mice, and it is easy to switch between functionalities.


  • Ambidextrous
  • 3310 optical gaming sensor
  • 400-3200 DPI adjustment
  • 125-1000 Hz USB report rate adjustment
  • Plug and play (No driver needed)
  • Ergonomic and ambidextrous design
  • Light
  • Multiple model sizes


  • Some prefer the 3360 optical gaming sensor in other Zowie models

Zowie Divina S Series

Zowie Divina S1


Zowie Divina S2


The Divina S series is the youngest of the Zowie mouse siblings and is designed for both right-handed and left-handed users. They’re another powerful weapon of choice for FPS players worldwide. These mice were first available in a baby blue and pink color, but now you can get them in a matte black coating. 

These colors are not flashy at all and look very appealing to the eye. If you are bored with blacks and need a little color, then consider picking this mouse up! The S series contains two variants – S1 and S2.

The S series mice are taller than the FK models, so it accommodates all grip styles. The S1 is a giant mouse, while the S2 is medium-sized. Due to the high back bump, it gives a tailored fit to any gamer’s hand. 

The S series mice only have five buttons. Although it is ambidextrous, it does not have two right-side buttons for left-handed people. The Divina S mouse uses a PMW3360 sensor, which is far more accurate than the Avago 3310 sensor. The DPI is up to 3200, and you get to enjoy a low lift-off distance. 

Although it is important to note that the mouse isn’t portable, it is a plug and play mouse but can’t connect wirelessly to the computer. It can’t reprogram inputs.


  • Convenient shape
  • Excellent sensor
  • Flexible cable
  • Plug & Play feature
  • Lifted front end for comfort


  • Wired-only design
  • Doesn’t have the ability to reprogram inputs

Zowie ZA Series – ZA11, ZA12 and ZA13

Zowie ZA11


Zowie ZA12


Zowie ZA13


The ZA series models are excellent performers and are great for FPS gaming. They are available in three different variants – ZA11, ZA12, and ZA13. ZA11 is the largest of them and ZA13 the smallest. Like the FK series, these are also designed to be ambidextrous. These mice are only available in black and special edition white. 

The critical difference between the FK models and the ZA models is that the ZA series accommodates people with smaller hands. The higher arch towards the rear of the mouse provides a fuller feeling in the palm.

All the mice in the ZA series are very lightweight, with ZA13 being the lightest at just 80g. It fits well with hands that measure between 16.5 – 18.5cm. The ZA12 is best for hand sizes between 18 – 19.5cm, and for hand sizes above that, ZA11 will be the ideal mouse. 

The Zowie ZA models use the Avago 3310 sensor and perform smoothly with minimal flaws. You can toggle through the DPI settings from 400 to 3200 in increments of 400. But the disadvantage is that the DPI button is located underneath the mouse. The two thumb buttons os the side are also very easy to identify and use. 


  • Thumb buttons on both sides
  • 3310 optical gaming sensor
  • 400-3200 DPI adjustment
  • 125-1000 Hz USB report rate adjustment
  • Plug and play (No driver needed)
  • Light
  • Multiple model sizes
  • Ambidextrous design


  • Comes without lighting
  • Doesn’t include “on the fly” DPI button

How to choose the best Zowie mouse

You’ve probably read multiple Zowie mouse reviews and are now confused with which model to choose among the plethora of options available. To make it easier for you to choose the right mouse for gaming, here is a list of what you should look for when buying a mouse. 

Grip Style

Grip style is the first thing to look for in a mouse. There are individual grip styles to choose and pick from such as: 

  • Tip grip style: This is a grip style that only some players use. If only the tips of your fingers touch the left, right, and center of the mouse without the palm coming in contact with it, you have a tip grip style. 
  • Palm grip style: This is the most popular grip style among gamers. How do you know you have it? If you lay all your fingers on the buttons while resting the palm on the mouse’s body, you use a palm grip method.
  • Claw grip style: This style is a combination of both the Tip and Palm grip styles. If your palm is resting only on the back edge while your thumb and fingertips are pointed towards the direction of the mouse’s buttons, then you use a claw grip style.

Additional Buttons

A gaming house that has additional buttons makes for hassle-free gameplay. It should include thumb control that lets you control the mouse better. Zowie mice also come with easy adjustments to the speed, sensitivity, and so on.

But they do not offer an adjustable spring button and tension system or weight which other brands do. This is something to keep in mind when looking to buy a mouse. 

Wired or Wireless

Is your mouse wired or wireless? Compared to ordinary PC mice, gaming mice are often wired. This is because the USB ensures a more responsive experience and stable connection with low input lag. 

But, even a simple wireless mouse can have an input delay of a few hundredths of a second, which is below the response time threshold of the majority of people. However, the most substantial advantage of a wired connection may also mean that non-mobile models aren’t easy to find.

Software Customization Feature

Does your mouse have a good customization software? All good gaming mice, including Zowie, do. They may be available as a suite compatible with headsets and keyboards or as a standalone package. This software will let you customize button assignments, lighting profiles, and DPI options.

The latter is crucial because it lets you customize the sensitivity of your mouse for accurate and fast-tracking. Some advanced models also allow you to set them up with the buttons. Mouse software also lets you adjust the macros for varying buttons and set up their profiles according to the game you’re playing. 

Another useful feature to look at is the mouse’s ability to save profiles directly to a mouse memory. This lets you play from one PC to another with all the settings already intact without needing a new setup. 


Have you decided which Zowie mouse to buy this year? We’re hoping this roundup helped you select the perfect one that fits your requirements and needs. There are several factors to consider before buying a mouse, such as its buttons, software customization, grip style, etc. 

Zowie is a dominant name in the gaming world, and they offer many options to choose from. The best thing about the brand is how they consider sizes when making models. Zowie is the leader in comfortable and ergonomic design, and our top pick would be the EC2-A. 

The EC2-A is ergonomic, right-handed, and medium-sized, which makes it very convenient to use. It has a simple rounded design that is ideal for palm and claws grip styles, and its glossy coating does not present a problem of sweaty hands. 

However, everyone has a personal preference. We hope a mouse mentioned in this guide ticks all the boxes in your checklist for the perfect gaming mouse.