If you thought that the introduction of smartphones and tablets have made strategy games like a jigsaw puzzle game, mahjong, chess, and backgammon obsolete, then think again. It is true that you are more likely to see kids play video games than putting together a physical jigsaw puzzle, but instead, they turn to virtual puzzles rather than the traditional puzzle games. Not only kids but adults too. They engage in these fun games to unwind and relax. These PC and free online games can be quite useful to adults read the below points to know why.

Improvement in memory
By playing these strategy games you will reinforce existing connections between your brain cells. It also opens a door towards new relationships. As a result, this helps improve mental speed and thought processes. Chess and different types of jigsaw puzzles are really good for improving short-term memory. Short term memory helps you remember shapes and color; as a result, you will be able to visualize a bigger picture and figure how the pieces fit together.

Better Problem solving skills
A workforce greatly values employees who can think creatively and are able to solve a problem by thinking critically. Online strategy games help in achieving these important skills. When you engage in these games you will think about various strategies and approaches to these games, you will be inclined to solve these problems through some trial and error. You can transfer the skills you have learned from these games into your work as well.

Improved visual reasoning
When you play an online or PC strategy game you will encounter various puzzles, and they include different pieces and figuring out how they fit into the bigger picture or how to outmaneuver your opponent. By doing this regularly you will improve your visual-spatial reasoning. This will help enhance your day to day tasks like driving, packing a box, using a map etc.

More education opportunities
Not only are these games fun, but puzzles and other strategy games provide educational opportunities, they help in improving your vocabulary, as well as, your language, research, and spelling skills. You’re never too old to learn something new or challenge yourself; hence online strategy games are a great way to accomplish that.

Delay dementia and Alzheimer’s
You may not care about raising your IQ, but it is very important to keep your brain active with online games as this can help delay the onset of neurological diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s. Research has portrayed that keeping the mind energetic through strategy games can reduce brain cell damage that can occur in Alzheimer’s patients; by playing games regularly you can support the growth of new cells in the brain.

Improved mood
Another benefit of engaging in online games is that they increase the brain’s production of dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that regulates your mood and makes you feel happy. This also affects your memory and concentration power. Dopamine is released every time you have successfully completed a game, this, in turn, will encourage you to continue working on solving them and challenging yourself.

Increase in attention to detail
When you play a strategy game, especially games like jigsaw puzzles, mahjong, chess and backgammon, attention to detail is important. You need to focus your eyes to pick out slight differences in color or shape and plan your moves accordingly; this will help you play the game more efficiently.

By refining the ability to plan and notice the small things you will notice that it has a huge impact on your life. When you are more detailed and precise, the quality of work also improves.

Now that you know the benefits of free online PC games like Jenga, mahjong, chess and backgammon for adults and children, you can start playing these fun games as a part of your next family game night.