The world of online casinos is full of modern trends, interesting technological solutions, and of course facts that can raise eyebrows. Some of these facts are known well while others can surprize even a compulsive gambler. We prepared exactly this type of facts. Do not miss them.

Online gambling is for men

The first fact about the online casino industry is connected with players` genders. The biggest part of modern gamblers is predominantly gentlemen. According to statistics, around 80 percent of gamblers are male representatives. This number covers all spheres of online gambling: sports betting, poker, slots, and table games. Our online casino offers the brightest gambling activities ever. So, you will easily find something interesting for you at Rickycasino.

The era of one-hand bandits is over

A “one-hand bandit” is a name that was used to describe slot games in the past. It is connected with slot machines that had large levers on their sides. They helped to spin the reels. However, with the increased popularity of online casinos modern gamblers should just click the button and wait for the result.

In addition, this iGaming popularity has reduced the number of real slot machines. There is no need for them. Players can try their powers in slot games just sitting at their homes. Moreover, online slots attract players by their diversity of themes and symbols. You can try games that are based on films, TV shows, cartoons, and other topics.

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Gentlemen play with skills while ladies hope for good luck

Facts have indicated that boys prefer skill-based gambling activities while girls more often choose fortune-based games. It has a hidden sense. Males prefer being logical and analytical. Females take into account their intuition and feelings.

What is more interesting, both men and women try to select only trusted ad reputable online casinos that have licenses from reliable gambling commissions such as Malta GA. It means that they care a lot about the security and fairness of their gambling.

Online casino world is better and bigger

Real casinos have physical limitations. So, they can offer only a limited game selection. At the same time, online casinos present their customers with hundreds or even thousands of games. They differ in forms, rules, speed, gameplay, and other aspects. It means that you will not face problems searching for a unique activity that satisfies your interests and desires.

Apart from that, gambling websites offer numerous special bonuses and promotions. They help players increase winning chances and sometimes try games for free. Here is an important secret for you. Look through bonus requirements, terms & conditions before claiming and activating special offers.

Online gambling never sleeps

The last but not the least fact about online gambling is its availability around the clock. Casino games are waiting for you 365 days per year, 24/7. Do you have free time at 2 am? No problem! You can enjoy your favourite game at any time of day and night.

In addition, this around-the-clock accessibility brings a lot of comfort. No need to go somewhere trying to find a gambling club. No need to waste money on petrol. Use any device (from computers to smartwatches), open your favourite casino site, and enjoy!