Can you imagine what would happen if you mixed the Super Mario universe with the Star Wars one? Not the first thing that crosses your mind – a new franchise to be milked by EA or Activision, but art. Yes, you’ve read it right – pure, geeky, nerdy art with Wario as R2-D2 and Princess Peach as Leia. Interested?

If you are, than it’s Galleries 1988 you have to visit in order to admire the paintings (created by an artist named Misha and which, due to my complete lack of knowledge can’t be associated with other works). And I say “admire” and not “purchase” because purchasing… well… that’s possible but it’s also pretty expensive: 1,500 bucks for two of the paintings, while the “Slave Girl Peach” painting you can see to the left sells for “just” $750.

Still, even with these prices, I am sure that the owner of the blog where these three painting were posted is right: “Star Wars + Nintendo = not around long”. So I’m glad we found them now. Even though Donkey Kong doesn’t look like Chewbacca, nor Peach like Leia. Oh, wait! That’s the entire point, anyway!