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For those who want to escape reality, there’s no better escape than some quality time spent with your virtual best friend.

The Sims 4 series excels at providing a respite from the stresses of real life, but no other series does it better. People can essentially live a different life with the use of these video games. However, you can play as a normal person instead of living among zombies or mediaeval soldiers. Your Sims mature, get married, have children, buy a house, and lead a life that is, for the most part, absolutely relatable.

More haircuts, more colour options, more goals, and more careers are missing from the default version of The Sims 4. Most importantly, there should be more options for couples. After all, this is a computer-generated recreation of real-world events. Romance, heartbreak, and sex are commonplace in everyday life. Sex in droves.

Although Sims can “WooHoo,” the games toned version of getting it on, in the base edition of The Sims 4, the act is always done in a double bed and under the covers. They probably never deviate from missionary work, as well. ‘Snore.

Mods can help with that. Find out which The Sims 4 sex mods are the best, how they affect gameplay, and where to get them.

The Sims 4, 5 Best Sex Mods

It is possible for gamers who want to spice up their Sim’s next romantic endeavour to do it with the help of a few tweaks. One of these tweaks is guaranteed to suit your needs, whether you want to better reflect contemporary dating trends, take more risks, or get the most out of your Sim’s next sexual outing.

1.) Wicked Whims is the greatest overall sex mod for the Sims 4

If you’re looking for a way to expand your Sims 4 experience, “Wicked Whims” is the best option on our list. There are lots of non-sexual, but nonetheless relatable possibilities, in this mod’s NSFW content.

When it comes to expanding the scope of The Sims 4 gameplay, “Wicked Whims” deserves to be at the top of the list. There are lots of non-sexual, but nonetheless relatable possibilities, in this mod’s NSFW content.

“Wicked Whims” also includes the ability to have orgies, utilise strap-ons, contract and spread disease, and even have periods every month. Over 7,000 different animations can be selected and downloaded according to your sexual interests, ranging from vanilla missionary and cowgirl positions to BDSM, voyeurism and a variety of specific kink positions.

Sims 4’s sex mod doesn’t stop there. Various levels of desire and attractiveness, as well as birth control options, new varieties of jealousy, and other new reactions are all factors to take into consideration. This add-on acts as its own standalone expansion.

2.) Pregnancy-friendly sex mods in the Sims 4: Risky WooHoo

When it comes to relationships, The Sims 4’s default version doesn’t offer much room for experimentation. It is only possible for adult Sims to have “WooHoo” or “Try for Baby” intercourse. Because of this, there is no chance of an unplanned pregnancy or a teenager becoming a mother.

You may liven up your Sims’ sex lives without venturing into the steamy wormhole that is “Wicked Whims” with “Risky WooHoo” by modder PolarBearSims.

Sims 4 sex mod includes dangerous sex and all the issues that come with it, which is something that most people are familiar with. Teen pregnancy, teen-adult partnerships, and various fertility levels for different Sims are all possible thanks to this patch.

3.) Hoe it Up is the finest Sims 4 career sex mod.

The lack of profession opportunities in The Sims 4 is one of its most glaring flaws. Hoe It Up” by Sacrificial not only lets you incorporate sex job into your Sims résumé, but it also adds new skill sets that your Sim can improve on throughout their life.

Hoe It Up” provides a few new alternatives for financial security. Sims can earn money by putting another Sim to sleep, but that’s just the beginning. As a bonus, this mod adds the possibility to make money via stripping. You can even own your own strip club in The Sims 4: Get To Work expansion pack if you install “Wicked Whims.”

4.) The greatest sex mod for dating in The Sims 4 is An app for meeting people

Dating applications like Tinder and others have become a part of American life. With the help of modder LittleMsSam, your next game of The Sims can have a little bit of real-world drama.

With the “SimDa” dating app, your single Sims may see what they’re missing out on before settling down with the right person. Are you looking for a new companion? Find out who shows up on a blind date. Are you more interested in a one-night stand with no commitments? With this helpful hack, scheduling one-night stands is a breeze. The mechanics of this mod may be fine-tuned to your liking, allowing you to change pregnancy risk, the age ranges allowed for dates, and more.

5.)  Passionate Romance is the best Sims 4 sex mod for romance.

The Sims 4’s love interactions can be improved without the addition of pornographic aspects. Additional romantic options can be found in milder mods that don’t modify WooHoo’s gameplay in any way. Mods like “Passionate Romance” steer clear of explicit action in favour of more subdued thrills.

How to install a Sims 4 Sex Mod

  • Download your mod or CC of choice.
  • Unzip the download, if it’s a .rar or .zip file.
  • Move the unzipped files to the mods folder. This will typically be in folder in “[DRIVE LETTER]:\Users\[USER NAME]\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\sex Mods.” (Replace your own Windows user name and the letter for your hard drive. ) If the “Mods” folder doesn’t exist, you can make your own, as long as it’s in the same location.
  • Open The Sims 4.
  • Open the options, and then select the “game options” tab.
  • Select the “other” tab.
  • Make sure “enable custom content and mods” is checked.
  • Relaunch The Sims 4.

Where is the Sex mod folder for Sims 4 in Windows C:

“[DRIVE LETTER]:\Users\[USER NAME]\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 \Mods.”