Maxis and EA are still hard at work with SimCity 2013 and they have just released patch 1.7 for the game, fixing the traffic problems in the game and making it less congested and a lot more natural. They also plan to release a brand new server located in Asia to help those who still have problems playing the game.

The full change list of the SimCity 2013 Patch 1.7 can be seen below:

•Traffic Improvements: Tuned traffic congestion and fixed some intersection traffic issues.
•Traffic improvements: Emergency Vehicles will drive in empty lanes to get around traffic at intersections.
•Traffic improvements: Emergency and Delivery vehicles get priority over regular traffic when leaving garage.
•All units and buildings can now be demolished using the bulldoze tool.
•Performance improvements for low spec systems.
•New Server: Asia 2 will be released Tuesday afternoon (PDT)!

We didn’t get a chance to test this patch yet, but hopefully it fixes the huge problem the game had with intersections and pathfinding.