In this article, we will be sharing simcity 4 cheats for gamers to have much better gaming experience. SimCity 4 attracted a larger number of individuals due to the different functionalities it offers, nevertheless, simcity 4 cheats will be certainly helpful to improve your performance while playing this game.

Simcity 4 Cheats

In order to be able to use these cheats, you will have to press Ctrl and X to bring the cheat menu up. After you are able to do so, you need to type the cheats and press enter. In this way, the simcity 4 cheats pc will be activated.

If you are using patched version, you need to press ctrl + alt + shift + x if you want to bring the cheat menu up.

Basic simcity 4 Cheats

  • riskymoney = $10,000 with an eartquake
  • weaknesspays = It allows you to add $1,000 to the main amount you have
  • whererufrom [name] = With this cheat you will be able to change the city name
  • hellomynameis [name] = It changes the mayor’s name to the one you select
  • fps = This cheat displays the frame rate of the game
  • gol = Green Tinge on map
  • zoneria = This hides empty zone color
  • sizeof [number] = It increases maginfication (the numbers can be between 1 and 100)
  • watchmemove = when you look at the pedestrians they will run
  • stopwatch = it pauses or resumes the 24-hour clock
  • fightthepower = with this cheat the power requirement for buildings is removed
  • howdryiam = the same as the cheat before but it removes the water requirement for all the buildings
  • you don’t deserve it = this unlocks every item in the whole game
  • DollyLlama = it toggles your advisors between people and Llamas
  • tastyzots = Toggles Zots
  • recorder = starts recording
  • barstuck = stops news bar movement
  • TerrainQuery [on/off] = it shows coordinates when hovering an item
  • whattimeizit [time] = It sets the time of the day you desire

There are some simcity 4 cheats pc that would not be activated through codes. For example, you can change the computer’s system date to December 25 and your city will have snow for the whole day.

At the same time, if you want to have SimCity 2000 opening melody, you can start the U-Drive-it mission with the Ice Cream Truck and you will have the possibility to select this song.

Infinite Money: If you want to have a lot of money, you can easily legalize gambling, place a casino in the town leave it for the whole night running and you will have a lot of money the next day. Then you can start playing and building the city you want.

You can also place industrial zones, which will create a high-tech industry that is called Kane Tiberium. After playing the Command & Conquer game, you will realize that Kane is the leader of The Brotherhood of Nod and Tiberium is the green, alien, toxic mineral that GDI and Nod needed.

In addition to it, you can see the intro of the Simcity 3000 movie while placing a commercial zone with a drive-in-theatre. This theatre will be displaying this Simcity 3000 intro.

Unlimited Resources and Terrain Modification

If you want to have unlimited resources while playing the game, you can easily fill a city with power plants, water pumps and landfill. With the appropriate connections, you will never have to open it again but you will have the possibility to send all the garbage to this city. Moreover, you can purchase energy as well without having to hold contaminating industries and electrical power plants.

If you want to modify the terrain when you are playing, this simcity 4 cheats pc will be very useful. You can hold down ctrl + alt + shift and click the God Mode button.


In this article, we covered different simcity 4 cheats pc that are worth having in case you want to improve your gaming abilities and discover new possibilities while playing this amazing game.