I have wrote earlier today about the flash game of the day, Reincarnation: Riley’s Out Again, a really cool flash adventure game for those who have some spare time to make it count. However, for those who get stuck, I have created a pretty easy to use walkthrough for Reincarnation: Riley’s Out Again, so you won’t hurt your computer angry that something is not working.

So, check out the easy instructions below for the Reincarnation: Riley’s Out Again adventure game and let me know if the guide came in handy for you, or in the future I should explain in more detail. Good luck and remember to consult this guide only if you get stuck somewhere, otherwise you will ruin the fun of playing Reincarnation: Riley’s Out Again!

Reincarnation: Riley’s Out Again Walkthrough:

Scene 1: Click on the skull, then click on the magnet and quickly on the green electric eel. Click the key and move out.

Scene 2: Click on the little red creature then the purple arrow to the bottom left.

Scene 3: Click on the blue bubbles in the water, then click once more after the red creature is eaten. Click on the plant that ate the creature and then the purple arrow at the bottom right.

Scene 4: You have to be QUICK here! Click the demon heads as soon as they appear, before the nerd reaches the bathroom door. After you click the three heads in time, turn on the water facet and wait for the kid to turn it off. Next, switch the lights off and leave the room by clicking on the door

Scene 5: Click on the papers and when the guy returns, open the fourth locker door on top to hit him, then open the fifth door on the bottom row, get the screwdriver and click on the vents.

Scene 6: These are the mazes, but you can skip the scene. If you want to complete it, hit the arrows pointing: right, up, right, down, left, up, up, right then look at the opening

Scene 7: Get the candy on the desk at the bottom right and put it in the hamster’s cage. Click on the orange cap above then click open the cage to let the hamster out. Click on the radio near the door and while Riley goes there, click his cup of coffee. Click the cup once more.

Scene 8: Again mazes, again skippable. If you want to complete the scene, go left, left, right, up, left, left, right, down.

Scene 9: Click on the microwave oven then, as Riley is checking it out, click on the third cabinet door, take the poison there and click Riley’s coffee mug when he comes back. The result will be:

And congratulations! This is the end of Reincarnation: Riley’s Out Again. I hope you found this guide helpful!