There is no doubt that Nintendo’s lead name and character, Mario, is by far the most iconic game character in the history and that is one of the reasons why fans all over the world share their appreciation as they know best. We’ve seen everything Mario-related until now, from birthday cakes to panties and accessories, from short movies to music. But we’ve never seen the pixilated/brick-elated version until now!

But, since there’s a start for everything, here they are! A few shots of chalky Mario Universe, as we’ll never ever see them in an original video game, but as we’d love to see more often around us, while walking to our daily job or to the unigamesity. Right?

The images you can see here were posted on the Soompi forums and, boy, we’re glad to see them! It reminds us of the good old days when the short legged Italian plumber and his entire Universe had no idea what pixel shading or even 3D graphics mean. It’s classy, it’s old school and, even though some might consider it vandalism, we do appreciate true art and we hope that you do too. Now, excuse me for a second – I just got an idea on how to decorate my apartment’s walls.