operation-flashEven though Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is not really one of the best shooters in the world, it has it’s value and fans and therefore the news of a downloadable content pack for the game being released shouldn’t surprise us too much. I’m talking about the Overwatch DLC who expands the multiplayer of the game, all completed by a new patch that will make the overall game experience a lot better.

Overwatch contains two new multiplayer modes, “Blindside” and “Supremacy”:

Blindside pits a team of attackers versus a team of defenders in an objective-based mode that sees the attackers tasked with completing three objectives, while a team of defenders goes all-out to stop them. The attackers can complete the first two objectives in any order, while the third objective is only accessible once the first two objectives have been completed. In addition to having to overcome the defenders, the attackers are also under a time limit set by the host.

Supremacy is an objective-based territory control mode. Each team scores points by holding one of five capture points. Each capture point will also contain an “asset,” such as access to off-board fire support, when held for a prolonged period of time. The winning team is the team with the most points at the end of the round, or the first team to reach the points limit. If either team holds all territories simultaneously, they automatically win the match.

These new multiplayer modes are complimented by two brand new FTEs. In Friendly Skies, PLA anti-aircraft artillery prevents U.S. airborne reinforcements from inserting into the combat zone. Players must remove that threat and then defend the position from a PLA counter attack. In Hostile Takeover, intel reveals enemy movement in the village of Armudan, a perfect base for launching attacks deep into enemy territory. Gamers must flush out the PLA, establish a perimeter and hold their ground against a new enemy assault.