As you probably know already, Zynga is planning to launch a new social game later this month, Adventure World. Presented as a social adventure game, the upcoming title is still a mystery for most of us. Fansite Adventure World Info has an Adventure World preview to share with us, revealing a lot of interesting information:

– There are 35 areas Adventure World launches with and each area has more maps to explore
– Each map within an area is almost as large as the largest possible farm expansion in FarmVille
– In other words, Adventure World is HUMONGOUS
– There are many puzzles on the maps you can complete alone or with the help of friends
– Weapons and tools used on the maps will level up, increasing their stats
– You can have just a limited number of “neighbors” and the more they help, the better the rewards (something similar to The Pioneer Trail)
– There are obstacles and traps that make your life harder so you must be very careful on how you move on the huge game map
– You can turn off most of the traps and obstacles and avoid losing energy
– The game has a linear story, meaning that we will eventually reach THE END! However, Adventure World is incredibly long so that won’t happen very fast.
– The game will debut with 200 quests and has around 1,000 different items at launch
– Expansions will be launched regularly, most likely in terms of quests and content

Sounds like an impressive project after all and I really hope that somehow Zynga will reduce the spam required to progress. What do you think about this Adventure World title? Sounds like something you’d be willing to play?



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