Well, here we are, Chicago has went live in Mafia Wars and it couldn’t have been otherwise that together with some brand new missions for us to complete. I am here to share with you all the details about the three new Chicago – Become A Legend missions and I am sure you’re really curious to find out everything about them, so read on!

Mafia Wars The Shootin’ Mission
– Job: “Dispose Of The Bodies” 35 times.
– Fight 250 times.
– Get support from your 20 Mafia.
Rewards: 100 Clams, 15 Loyalty Points, 2 Drenchcoats (49 Attack / 77 Defense) and Experience based on your level

Mafia Wars Cut The Crap Mission
– Aqcuire 50 Body Bags.
– Win 100 fights.
– Collect from your Truck Shop 8 times.
– Loot 30 Flivvers from fights.
Rewards: 50 Clams, Experience based on your level

Mafia Wars Duck And Cover Mission On Chicago
– Declare a war 8 times.
– Ice 30 opponents.
Rewards: 15 Victory Coins, 1 Golden Parrot (79 Attack / 52 Defense) and Experience based on your level

I was personally expecting some better rewards from these Mafia Wars missions, what about you?



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