There is a brand new global mission available in Mafia Wars starting today, the Betrayal in Bangkok mission and I am sure you are really curious to find out everything about it, especially the mission prizes.

You’ll have a week to complete the Betrayal in Bangkok mission before you get booted out of Bangkok, during which you will receive 5X mastery for finishing jobs in the city. You’ll also get a chance to loot the new and rare weapon Iron and Silk (74 attack, 73 defense) from jobs and fights in the city soon to be closed.

You’ll need a few key items to finish Global Mission: Betrayal In Bangkok. You can request Forger’s Gloves from the Free Gifts page and ask friends to send you Pirates to finish jobs. If you’re successful in tracking down the traitors, you’ll earn yourself a Dragontongue weapon (151 attack, 60 defense) and escape Bangkok safely before it shuts down.

And I am sure you’ll do your best to get that Dragontongue, because it has some really cool stats!