In today’s article the subject will be surrounding the gaming laptop model – Razer Blade.

One of the most outstanding gaming laptops to be release recently is the Razer Blade laptop. Before you decide whether you should consider purchasing or upgrading to this laptop, you should consider the perks, affordability and its unique features that make it stand out compared to other gaming laptops. Also, do consider some limitations of this laptop, so that you can correctly decide whether this laptop is right for you.

Here are the selling points of the Razer Blade:

Fantastic performance –

This gaming laptop comes equipped with a truly magnificent performance speed. This is due to the RAM. This is incredibly important for gamer’s, as in the gaming world, a fast device is the difference between day and night!

Beautifully elegant design –

One of the most noticeable perks about this model is the is the incredibly elegant design. This is one of the features that this model is truly known for as many customers who purchase this laptop are typically blown away.

Full HD –

The visuals alone make this laptop a winner. With full HD the user will experience a truly unique gaming experience.

High number of ports –

Considering this laptop is stated as the world’s smallest laptop, it has a surprising amount of charging ports, much more than an average laptop.

Good battery life –

An exceptionally important quality a gamer would want in a laptop. There’s nothing worse than being right in the middle of a game or movie and the laptop deciding to switch off if you have not connected it to the power adaptor. This good battery life, for the newer Razer Blade model ensures that there is a lowered risk of this ever happening.

Some minor limitations of the Razer Blade are:

Small screen
For some people this is either a downfall or a benefit. Even amongst gamers, there is no universal agreement on which is better, because there are many competitive games which demand different levels of visuals. At the end of the day, it depends on the games you are intending to buy this laptop to play. There are gamers who prefer smaller screens for FPS games, whilst RPG gamers may prefer a bigger screen for more in depth gameplay.

Display Lighting
This laptop has been noted to have a low max brightness level, which again is down to individual preference. Many professional gamers game in darkness to allow their senses to fully attune to the game they are playing, and Razer has built its laptops around this demographic. If you are using the Razer Blade for other purposes, you might find the brightness level an issue.

Tends to overheat during gameplay

If you do not own a laptop cooling system, this might be an issue for you as the Razer Blade will heat up quickly during intensive gameplay sessions. For most gamers, this should not be an issue.

Sound quality
There have been mixed reviews regarding audio quality in the older models of the Razer Blade, but newer models such as the Razer Blade 17 are believed to address this issue already.

Extra Storage Cost

While Razer’s laptops already come with an impressive storage space for the many games that might run, if you do need more storage space, the upgrade can get be costly.

Overall conclusion –

After an extensive look at the pros and cons of the Razor Blade gaming laptop, it’s clear that it is still definitely a worthy purchase for its sheer specifications and performance. Everyone looks for different qualities when purchasing a laptop. For instance, lowered brightness or audio might be an issue to one gamer, while another gamer may not care about that feature.

On the overall however, the Razer Blade is still a worthwhile purchase every serious gamer should consider.

For any hardcore gamer out there, I would recommend this laptop as the pros do far outweigh any cons with this model. As for someone looking for a laptop to use in everyday life, the features of a gaming laptop might not be necessary and they can settle for a less resource loaded laptop, and save on the amount needed to be spent.