Boy playing video games.

Smartphones have become vital devices in our lives. Some use them to track their busy lives, stay productive, and organize their schedules. Others use them for entertainment, such as listening to music, watching videos and movies, and browsing social media platforms. But some use them to relieve stress by playing video games to calm anxiety.  

Playing video games is more immersive than reading a book or watching television. Moreover, they engage your brain more than social media does. As a result, playing video games provides the perfect distraction from thoughts that trigger stress. In a study conducted in 2021, 58 percent of the respondents reported that playing video games impacted their well-being. Some of the benefits relating to mental health include relieving stress and anxiety.  

However, it is vital to safeguard your data and privacy as you download, install, and play games. VPN for play station lets you step up your gameplay without compromising data security. You can use VeePN download VPN for console with PS3, PS4, and PS5. This VPN guarantees lightning-fast speeds, data protection, and unlimited games.

If you are looking for anti-stress games for your mobile, here are a few to consider.

Cats and Soup

Cats and Soup is a simple but adorable mobile game. The cats make soup, and you collect it. But the game is not too basic; you can play mini-games, dress the cats in varying outfits, and get new recipes.

The illustrations are stunning and unique, with numerous exciting cat breeds. It is a great stress reduce game that will have you place cats on various soup-making tasks. As you proceed, you unlock new cooking stations and recipes.

This mobile game is immensely relaxing for both the player and the cats. If the cats get stressed, they take a break to play and relax. They play games like jumping on a trampoline.

Cats and Soup is available on Android and iOS. 

Alto’s Adventure

This anti-stress game engages your brain, making it perfect for distracting your mind from stressful thoughts. It involves snowboarding at thrilling speeds down an endless hill. You will also have to avoid numerous obstacles by leaping across abysses, jumping over llamas, and escaping elders.

All these mind-engaging activities are coupled with exciting characters, attractive visuals, and unrivaled gameplay. The game aims to snowboard on a never-ending downhill journey as you unlock more mountain dwellers and complete multiple goals. 

This game has Zen mode, which helps you relax because it has no challenges, obstacles, or scores. All you have to do is glide downhill while enjoying the breathtaking scenery. 

I Love Hue

This is a unique and exciting game that combines organization and tile matching. Every level has a unique color palette broken down into smaller shapes; rectangles, triangles, and hexagons. You then have to rearrange the tiles into a cohesive color scheme.

After completing a level, you progress to a moderately more challenging level with a more beautiful color palette. But the levels don’t get so hard to cause frustration. Instead, they provide hundreds of unique and attractive color palettes to arrange and unlimited opportunities for relaxation.    

My Little Terrarium

My Little Terrarium is a fun and relaxing mobile game that allows you to grow a virtual terrarium. You can grow various indoor pot plants like pine bonsai, weeping fig, Chinese money plant, and maidenhair fern.

As your plants grow, they produce more oxygen, which enables you to progress to the next level. The new level unlocks new plants and increases shelves and decor. While My Little Terrarium requires little effort, you will have fun customizing your pots, designing layouts, and applying boosters like fertilizer and intensive watering.

You can download Terrarium on Android and iOS. It is available free, on a subscription, and as in-app purchases. However, ensure you use VPN to protect your privacy and data. Online reviews can help you determine the best VPN provider. For instance, you can navigate here for a complete review. Moreover, most VPNs have free trial versions that allow you to test the features before you purchase.   

Design Home: Dream Makeover

Dream Makeover is one of the best games to calm anxiety if you love interior decoration. This mobile game emphasizes creative expression and may help to relieve anxiety and stress. 

Dream Makeover involves creating cohesive and unique designs and layouts by arranging furniture and accessories in different rooms. Different furniture brands are available, allowing you to choose digital models from your favorite brands. 

You unlock more furniture as you progress through the levels. You can also earn rewards and get inspiration from others by voting for the best designs.


How Do You Stop Stress While Gaming? 

Gamers can take several deep breaths when they notice a change in breathing or mood. They can also take a short break to exercise or listen to their favorite song.

How Smartphone Gaming Can Reduce Stress?

Smartphone gaming can help you to refocus from stress to other things. It is more immersive and will help shift your mind from stressful thoughts.


Playing mobile video games can help you reduce stress by shifting your mind to other things. Although most games are available for download, ensure you use VPN to protect your privacy and data.