When buying a gaming keyboard, for me key mechanism is the main concern, after all that is the core reason for it. Obviously, our budget plays a huge part in the kind of keyboard we go for. It’s easy to get cheap keyboards for as low as $30 from no-name manufacturers. But, it isn’t difficult for you to buy a keyboard for $40 or $50 from big brands either. Now, this is if you don’t care much about the quality or maybe aesthetics.

Cheap keyboards do the work, they help you get your work done, but how long will they last or how your experience is going to be is something to be desired. To buy cheap gaming keyboard you can go to websites that sell and also guide you about different keyboards you can buy and for what price point. The better ones start around $80, which is still affordable for many. But, if you want the best then I would suggest putting down around $130 aside. There are models that go for upwards of $200 but you don’t have to spend that much. There’s no other advantage than it being expensive and from a more luxury brand.

I have seen many people go for dome switches thinking it will help with the cost-cutting, but with dome switches the cost-cutting is minimal. You can easily get a dome switch keyboard for $30 or $50, that too from brands like Logitech and SteelSeries. Logitech has become a household name when it comes to computer parts and accessories. Their quality has gotten better a lot over the years. They provide affordable and good quality parts, which is why people often drift to them. If noise is your biggest concern then go for dome switches. If not, then the mechanical keyboard is the way to go. They are superior in performance and most companies have switched to mostly mechanical lineups at this point.

The keyboard isn’t something that you change daily, you are going to get years’ use out of it. So, why not get the best we can so that we don’t complain every day just because we wanted to save a few bucks. Mostly going for something comfortable and easy to take care of works for most people. If your keyboard doubles as your regular work as well as gaming, then comfortable and easy care is the key.

But, for people who are putting together a full gaming setup for the first time should stick to one company. Source the mouse, headset, and keyboard from the same company. That helps to assemble with ease, you won’t be out there trying to figure out multiple configuration apps. As I said, Logitech is the best affordable solution you can go for, and right there with Logitech is Razer. Both of them offer the best all-around lineups of gaming accessories at multiple price points. Even if you choose the cheapest one, their quality is always good.

One thing to always consider is that you are going to be using it for years so it should be a solution to all your problem points.