Well, nowadays it’s all about healthy living and Cafe World is preparing to give us the chance to prepare some healthier food as well: the Salad Bar has been introduced in the game today and I’m here to share with you all the details about it!

When you log in to Cafe World, you will receive a notice that the Salad Bar has been released and you can get started to build it. Here are the materials required for building the salad bar:

– 1 Display Case
– 2 Sneeze Guard
– 4 Salad Box
– 2 Salad Tong

You can get these “materials” required to build the Cafe World Salad Bar by asking your neighbors – click to ask them and send requests to the ones you think are the most likely to help you. Alternately, you can purchase the Salad Bar for 70 Cafe Cash from the market.

Once you finish building your Salad Bar, you’ll be allowed to serve salads to your clients and earn money from this – you will need to unlock ingredients via goals in the game and I’ll come with a list of them pretty soon!

Have you started building the Salad Bar in Cafe World?