Zynga has introduced today a brand new building and feature in FarmVille, the Raffle Booth alongside the Raffle Booth Missions. I am sure you are really curious to find out all the details about the Raffle Booth, how does it worth and if you should even care about it, so read on this guide to find out everything about it!

Basically, as the name suggests, the FarmVille Raffle Booth is all about gathering tickets and trying to win prizes. After placing the building anywhere on your farm, you can start collecting Raffle tickets: a maximum of 6 can be gathered from your friends directly, but you can win more from sending tickets to your neighbors or by completing the missions in the new series.

How to get more Raffle Booth tickets? Simply click the building and select the “Ask for more” option.

Then, each week, FarmVille will draw the winners and the more tickets you have, the more chances to win you have. Even more, each week the prizes will change in order to keep things interesting and you active on the sending/receiving action. Because if you win with a ticket, you are allowed to share the prize you have won with the person that sent you the winning ticket. So if you have nice neighbors, it’s always good to help them because you could still be a winner!

What prizes can you win from the Raffle Booth in FarmVille?

As I said, every week the prizes will change. This week, however, the prizes that are up for grabs are Mini Flower Horse, Green Flower Ram, 5 Love Potions, 3 Fertilizer and 10 Special Delivery Boxes.