The business of computer games is one of the largest in the world. It is also a good source of entertainment. Computer games are mostly played by youngsters and most of the teenagers spend their time playing video games. Lately, the industry become huge and people need new PCs once every two years to play the latest games. That’s probably not going to happen if you buy a high end gaming PC from Fierce PC. If you get bored then playing a video game is the best option for you. According to the BBC news, there are more than 1.2 billion gamers in this world who spend their time playing the video games. So you can understand how popular the computer games are.

Due to this increase of video games, many parents of gamers ask if these video games good or bad for their children. If you are also a father or a mother of a gamer so now you are at the right place because in this article we are going to explain to you that how video games affect the brain. Read the whole article carefully and decide whether your child needs to play games or to stay away from them.

Are the computer games good or bad for brain memory?
According to Medical News Today, computer games can give your brain benefits in various ways such as improvement in memory, building reasoning skills, good focus, etc.
The effect of everything depends on us that how we treat those things. For example, if we are eating a lot of oily products then we might become a heart patient, but if we take a balanced diet or eat oily foods within a limit then we will remain healthy. Similarly, if you are playing video games on such sites as all the time and ignoring other physical activities then sorry to say that this habit of yours is going to cost you. Playing computer games within a limit is a good thing, but exceeding the limit can have bad effects on your brain.

Positive impacts of computer games on memory:
Computer games play a vital role in making a brain memory stronger. Video games are not just a source of enjoyment, but also an exercise for the brain. If you play computer games 10 hours a week then there is no problem at all. Having a session of 30-40 minutes of a computer game can improve your memory and also make your brain work faster. If you are a math’s student and face problems in solving the equations then you should have this computer game session, it will really help you out in your subject.

Video games are not only beneficial for the youngsters, but it can also be helpful to the elderly people. A majority of people at the age of 60 or above 60 have a bad memory and they forget the things earlier than the normal age person. Playing a computer game for half an hour a day for 2 weeks can bring quick improvements in their memory. Puzzle-solving or casino games can become useful for such people. Solving a puzzle requires a lot of attention, focus, and thinking. Due to these practices, you will see improvements in the memory of the old adults.

According to the Forbes, an experiment of playing 3D video games results in higher hippocampal-related memory. During the test period there were three groups, first group would not play game, second group would have to play 2D game and the third group would have to play 3D game.

Negative impacts of a computer game on the memory:
Playing games out of the limit can leave a long lasting bad effect on you. If you are addicted to computer games so after reading this paragraph we are sure that you will be no more game addict. Hippocampus is one of the main parts of the brain. When you play the computer games you use more caudate nucleus than Hippocampus due to which your Hippocampus loses the atrophies and cells. The problem does not ends only here, your grey matter also decreases in Hippocampus which may lead to diseases like depression, Parkinson’s disease, schizophrenia, and some other similar diseases.


One of the easiest techniques to improve your memory or brain power is playing computer games. Computer games are beneficial for everyone at any age whether you are a 15 years old teen or a 65 years old adult. Many kinds of researches have proved that games are helpful for us. If you think that your brain is not responding to you as you want then go for the puzzle and casino games. Don’t be a game addict, just give a few hours to gaming in a week.