Some people spend hours and hours in CS: GO trying their best to rank up, but all their efforts come to no avail. They are always aiming to open the CS: GO best case and use their items to try to rank up, yet it doesn’t work. Sadly, trying to get to a high rank is not exactly a piece of cake, and there are many factors to consider if you intend to become a better player and have higher chances of becoming a pro.

So, before you rely on opening another CS: GO case on, here is a guide with a few things to do to rank up in the shooter game.

  1. Don’t Underestimate Your Enemies

One of the biggest mistakes one could do in CS: GO is underestimating their enemies. Sure, there are high chances of stumbling upon players who are inexperienced and don’t know what they’re doing, but not taking them seriously could be a mistake. Let your guard down, and you may be defeated in a second. This will affect your ability to rank up.

  1. Get to Know the Maps

CS: GO has a lot of maps, that’s for sure. Excelling in each one of them is not always possible, though. But that doesn’t mean you should refrain from trying to familiarize yourself with said maps. Getting to know them will give you an advantage in matches because you’ll be more aware and know what you could expect from the other team. As a result, you’ll have higher chances to win and grow in rank.

  1. Find Same Skill Level Players

People who have friends into the game too are privileged. This means that you can rely on them and you can get to know their skills too. But if you don’t have any acquaintance playing CS: GO, you should consider using the Nearby Lobbies section. This will help you find players who have at least a close skill level, or those who were nice in previous matches that you’ve played, and you want to play with again. As a result, you have better chances of winning matches and ranking up.

  1. Don’t Solo-Queue

Solo-queuing wouldn’t be the best decision. Of course, that’s not to say that you can’t rank up if you solo queue, but it would take an eternity. Not to mention, there is also the possibility of stumbling upon griefers, who lose the match intentionally. This doesn’t help you a lot, so it’s best to avoid solo-queue.

Final Thoughts

If you want to rank up in CS: GO, you need to know how to do so. To make the process easier, don’t forget to visit a CS: GO case opening site and get some nice items to play much better.