Zynga keeps on bringing the new missions in Cafe World and I am happy to share with you all the details about these new missions. I’m talking about the Cafe World Renovation missions (or Free Renovations, as the first mission in the series is called) and below you can find out everything about them!

Cafe World Renovations Mission 1 (Free Renovations):
– Serve Eggs Benedict
– Serve Bacon and Eggs
– Ask for 5 Ladders

Cafe World Renovations Mission 2 (Free Matching Set):
– Serve 7 Fish n Chips
– Ask for 7 Lunchboxes
– Ask for 7 Coolers

Cafe World Renovations Mission 3 (Free Steel Counter):
– Serve 35 Ginger Plum Pork Chops
– Ask for 9 Bibs
– Ask for 9 Serving Bowls

As you can see, these Free Renovations missions in Cafe World are mostly based on requesting new items from other Cafe World players. Not a difficult series of missions that will reward you with the Stainless Steel decorations. Good luck!