gtaiv-nikoI doubt that Rockstar anticipated the number of GTA IV problems, but at least they’re doing their best to fix them. Therefore, a new small patch which takes the game to version was released. Although not bringing a huge changelist, the new Grand Theft Auto Patch offers gamers even more options to customize the game’s visuals.

Therefore, this new 32MB update brings “Water Quality”, “Shadow Quality” and “Reflection Resolution” sliders in graphics menu, plus “Definition” and “VSync” toggles in graphics menu. Also, it brings some rendering optimizations, as well as Vsync optimizations and Mirror fixes to Nvidia 7000 series of graphic cards.

However, it’s not everything sound and clear: there might be some controller related issues following the installation of the patch, as Rockstar announce: “As a result of the patch we had to disable the default setting for direct input device support. To reactivate your supported gamepad simply enter the command line, -usedirectinput.”

Having this in mind, if you still have problems playing Grand Theft Auto IV on your PC, you should consider downloading the patch from the official website. It can’t do more harm, can it?