For a limited time some of iOS’s best offerings will be free of charge. Tilt to live and Tilt to Live 2 are both free, along with Infinity Blade II.

The three games comprise the very best iOS has to offer. Tilt to Live is a highly responsive tilting game, as the name implies, where you controller a cursor which slides around and collects power-ups to destroy dots until time runs out. Tilt to Live 2 is much of the same, but more polished and with many more modes, power-ups and enemy types. What that silky gameplay and infinite replayability creates may be my favorite mobile game of all time. While the Tilt to Live franchise is what you should go download first, be sure not to forget Infinity Blade.

02 mobile games

Epic Games second entry into their successful mobile franchise is also free. The series – which proved Unreal Engine 3 and mobile could play nice – came back with a deeper, longer and more thoughtful sophomore effort after Infinity Blade I. Infinity Blade II carried on the standards set by the original while adding plenty of nuance and subtlety. Whether a newcomer or vet to the series, go download Infinity Blade II now.

03 mobile games

Again, this is only for a limited time, so act fast. If for some reason you missed the sale I would recommend pausing and thinking about getting these anyway, as they are both in the ‘must have’ category for iOS owners. If you manage to get them, share your thoughts on the two titles below, and be sure to share this with all your friends on Twitter and Facebook so they can also grab these for free.