Zynga has a nice partnership with Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, which used the developer’s games to promote its services in return of virtual currency. The latest game to join the play is Treasure Isle in which you can get 2 Free Island cash basically for nothing.

The image you can see in the upper left corner can be seen if you scroll all the way down after starting to play Treasure Isle. It says that you can get 2 FREE Treasure Isle cash from Bing, so click the little box!

Once clicked, you’ll get a pop-up letting you choose between the “Staycation” – the stay at home vacation – or the real Vacation. Then you will be shown some features of Bing – the search engine that tries to compete against Google – and pretty soon afterwards, you’ll receive a message that Bing has earned you 2 Free Island Cash. It can’t be easier and you’ll find out some nice stuff about the only viable Google competitor on the market.

Did you get your free Island Cash from Bing?