It would appear that gaming is at the very heart of entertainment at the moment, thanks to the way consumers engage with the fresh games on the market, as well as through them. This, in turn, results in larger engagement levels in general, along with the opening of new segments for the 2.5 billion gamers that are currently on the planet. They are projected to spend more than $152.1 billion on their passion by the end of 2019. This is an increase of close to 10 percent compared to last year’s figures.

Console gaming is expected to be the fastest-growing segment, likely to outpace mobile gaming. This is partially caused by the lack of fresh mobile blockbusters worldwide, along with legislation changes in various parts of the planet. At the same time, gaming on smartphones and tablets is prone to record the highest numbers of all gaming segments. It currently accounts for 45 percent of the global gaming market. PC gaming appears to be the segment that grows at slowest pace while remaining the smallest in size. However, this is one of the innovation pillars in the industry, with some of the hottest titles finding their roots back to PCs.

Cloud technologies, augmented reality, virtual reality and 5G technologies are all prone to reshape the way we play games. In-game micropayment systems are also changing the economics of the industry, so passionate gamers should expect to see even more growth in the following years. Let’s take a look at a few of the highest anticipated changes we should expect to see sooner than later.

Best Sellers On The Market

Apple and Google are making their way into the industry and they are having no problem leaving Sony and Nintendo giants behind. Microsoft and Sony have prepared their powerful responses in the form of their next-gen gaming consoles they are ready to launch in 2020. Nintendo plans to throw the focus on a larger console gaming public with its cheaper, revamped Switch version. Google is planning on addressing the needs of billions of passionate players with its cloud streaming service called Stadia. The service is meant to be used together with YouTube and enable players to watch a trailer for a new game and be able to click a “play” button straight away, within the video. We can expect streamers and influencers who play games on YouTube to issue instant invites for their fans and have them join them within a game by clicking a button or tapping a button. The cloud technology would allow players to make their transition from gaming on their laptop or TV straight to their smartphones, via their Google accounts.

Microsoft Getting Ready To Launch Project XCloud

Microsoft is getting ready to test Project XCloud, which is a brand new game-streaming technology that should allow players to enjoy more gaming alternatives while complementing their console hardware. Imagine connecting you 4K TV with full HDR support and surround sound. The main goal is to allow gamers to seamlessly get access to all the content on their mobile devices or any other device connected to them. Microsoft aims to do this with the help of the global spread of its data centers in 54 Azure regions, as well as the superior network technologies that the company’s Research team is working hard at.

Smart TVs And Their Incredible Gaming Potential

According to, there are close to 190 million smart TVs at a global level. Each of them can easily turn into a high-end gaming system with the help of the previously mentioned Stadia service and its amazing hardware stack which reunites server-class memory, GPU, storage and CPU. Plus, this is a type of technology that is not at risk of turning obsolete anytime soon, as opposed to other technologies.

Apple Arcade Will Change The Way We Play Games

The Apple Arcade is the world’s first game subscription service that can be used on mobile devices, desktop computers and smart TVs. The service is being developed with the help of the most talented and skilled developers on the planet. The goal is to design one hundred new games that can be played across Mac computers, iPads, iPhones and Apple TVs. Expect games from developers like Giant Squid, Finji or Bossa Studios to name just a few. All games should be made available in their offline versions, with some titles providing support for game controllers. It will be possible for players to resume their gameplay exactly where they left off while going from one device to another, so Aussies who love their “Pokies” or Americans who love their “Persona 5”, will be able to take full advantage of this feature.

Sony Is Working At The Next-Gen PlayStation

2020 is finally going to be the year when Sony launches the Next Generation console it has been working on for the past four years. PlayStation 4 is still their best seller as well as the best sold the console on the planet. But the 5.0 version is going to incorporate new (and improved) AMD chips. Expect PS5 to come with 8K support and more smart TV owners to want to make the switch to 8K models as well.

The Future Of Online Gambling Technology

Augmented reality casinos are a mix of real-world gambling facilities and computer-generated images that allow developers to create a special reality that is otherwise difficult to imitate. The software and hardware improvements that are connected to introducing augmented reality in casinos could trigger a series of spectacular changes. Picture live dealers mixed with environments that are simulated at a virtual level, topped by 360-degree surround experiences letting players analyze everything from decks of cards, table decors or opponents.