Full Guide to the Harvest Bonfire in FarmVille and Harvest Bonfire Prizes

Full Guide to the Harvest Bonfire in FarmVille and Harvest Bonfire Prizes

The Harvest Bonfire is here in FarmVille and it’s actually here to celebrate Thanksgiving Day with the virtual farmers in the game. I am here to share with you a complete guide to the Harvest Bonfire in this article (click the link for the Harvest Bonfire Missions), as well as details about the prizes that you can unlock with it.

Before starting, it’s worth noting that you are allowed to have one Harvest Bonfire per farm (Home Farm, English Countryside and Lighthouse Cove) and there are 6 building stages for the Bonfire.

After placing your initial Bonfire (find it in the inventory or buy it for 1 coin from the Market), you should click it and see six options: Ask for more supplies, send supplies to neighbors and buy supplies. Also, the “Look inside” option lets you check out your progress, while Move and Sell are pretty self-explanatory.

For your Harvest Bonfire in FarmVille, you will need to gather 6 types of supplies and it won’t be an easy job upgrading to the final level (level 6), but it will be totally worth the trouble because there are some really cool prizes to redeem.

Here is the list of Farmville Harvest Bonfire prizes that you can earn by collecting the indicated number of supplies:

– Corn Maze Fence (5)
– Railroad Tie Bench (15)
– Iron Fire Pit (35)
– Bare Tree Decoration (75)
– Banjo Duck (100)
– Flannel Cow (170)

What do you think about the Harvest Bonfire Thanksgiving celebration in FarmVille?