French Gaming Preferences: Social Casinos or Online Casinos

Those who want to remain on the right side of the rather strict casino laws in France are turning toward mobile social casinos where they can play online games without risking exposure to covid or breaking ‘stay at home’ orders.  Social casinos online function as casino apps or websites where you get to play popular casino games like blackjack, video poker, roulette, or slots. Instead of traveling throughout to a local brick and mortar casino, you can do it all from the comfort of your home with a good internet connection. There are a variety of social games that you can play directly from your mobile device using Andoid gaming apps while Apple fans can access their Apple watch apps to play these popular games. 

Why Play at Social Casinos?

  • Social casinos are free to download and play
  • Social casinos make most of their money through in-game purchases but they aren’t a requirement
  • Social casinos give people in France the opportunity to play games while maintaining social distancing

Social casinos don’t let you wager or lose real money, but the downside there is that you can’t win either. Needless to say, you can still play many wonderful games and enjoy the entertainment value that they provide. This makes for a great opportunity to stay social with friends even if you are under lock-down. What’s more, it is a chance to play casino games more often without any financial risk.  When you do actually visit Paris and head to Casino Barrière d’Enghien-les-Bains, you will have had a great deal of relevant practice under your belt. 

Why Play at Online Casinos?

  • Online casinos are free to download
  • Online casinos give the opportunity for French residents to place real money bets and win real money
  • Online casinos still maintain proper social distancing
  • Live casino games give players the chance to enjoy and experience the environment of a traditional casino at home

Casino games can be accessed in France via online casinos. After you use French Google Play social casino apps to locate social games, you can use the skills you have acquired to play at online casinos where real money bets are placed. French citizens who are considering or even already playing at social casinos are quite often playing traditional online casinos in tandem. Online casinos remain equally popular because they allow for real money bets and the opportunity to win money while still safely playing from the comfort of one’s home.

Popularity of Social Casinos in France

Social casinos have been increasing their market share since 2012, generating over 39 million dollars in revenue. This has been particularly true during the lockdown when many people were unable to travel and needed safe, digital ways to find entertainment with friends and family. As lockdown restrictions tightened in Europe, French citizens found that with casino doors locked the only options they had were online and social casinos.

The most popular French social casinos allow people of different religions and moral beliefs to overcome any ethical issues they might have with gambling while still enjoying games online.  One of the most popular is Gambino Slots Casino. This casino features over 90 games and gives daily coins that can be used to play. There are opportunities for loyalty programs and loyalty points, too, which can increase the rate of coins you have to play with each day.  Luckyland Slots is another social gambling site where French citizens enjoy social games and tournaments. There are no deposit requirements to get started either. Chumba Casino is growing in popularity too, with no fees and an easy, user-friendly interface.  Overall, social casinos give the option of free play so that people can enjoy games with friends, day in and day out. Most social casino games are designed specifically for easy socializing.  If you run out of your free daily coins, you can share with other players or have them share with you. This type of coin sharing facilitates increased gameplay.

French citizens are enjoying social casinos but not as much as online casinos.  After all, the drawing power and bigger popularity of online real money casinos is all down to the lure of “the big win” at the end of the day.