goldMassively multiplayer online games (or MMOs as we all know them) are played by millions of people. People who are not always as skilled as the game requires them to be or not at all as patient as they should. Still, players who wish to have the gold to purchase all the items they fancy having. What’s the result? They purchase in-game gold with solid, real life cash.

And it’s also a blooming “industry,” it appears. There are tons of websites specialized in selling gold for MMO games and apparently, according to an Eurogamer report, 30% of the players [refer purchasing in-game gold with real cash. And in an industry that has an estimated worth of $2 billion, you can imagine how huge these numbers really are!

“In my opinion, the industry would be better served if publishers would recognize that lots of gamers — I’ve heard it’s 30 percent of the player base — like the benefits of RMT, and work with credible companies and allow it to happen,” said WoW Gold expert Extreme Gamer to Eurogamer.

This could be a way of getting yourself out of the economic crisis on one hand, but on the other, you might have problems if you start selling (or purchasing) in-game gold and you get caught. Usually companies don’t take that too lightly.