If you love RPGs, but you’d also like a bit of fun and quirky experience, the Fantasy University (commonly abbreviated F.U.) Facebook game is the title you’re looking for. And don’t let that half of the game’s name to fool you: there’s nothing boring in this virtual university!

Drawing most (or a lot) of its inspiration from the Harry Potter franchise, but also from most of the actual super popular pop culture characters, Fantasy University is a quest-based RPG of true epic proportions. And one game that makes you a colleague of Ron Wheeezy and Harmony Lounger. I was quite glad that I have named my character Longerdeek when I found that out.

Either way, back to this super fun game, here are some of the features you should expect to see:

– Epic story
– Huge world to explore
– BFF system (Select up to 6 of your friends to be your “BFFs” and have them help you in combat! Receive loot items when you log in if your friends take YOU along as a BFF!)
– Crazy Weapons and Outfits
– Crafting
– Pet System
– Humor, fun, amusement
– Great hand drawn graphics
– …and more epic stuff, of course!

Expect to see a complete review of Fantasy University here in the fantastic Unigamesity pretty soon. Until then, grab yourself a Baconclub and start exploring FU on Facebook. Enjoy!